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Tanya Talaga

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Indigenous Storyteller and Powerful Voice for Truth and Reconciliation

Tanya Talaga is an acclaimed Indigenous author, journalist, and advocate whose powerful storytelling amplifies the voices, experiences, and resilience of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. As founder of Makwa Creative Inc. and a longtime columnist with The Globe and Mail, Tanya confronts systemic inequalities, gives voice to the silenced, and inspires change through truth and reconciliation.

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The Generational Impacts of Residential Schools

Drawing from her groundbreaking book and community advocacy, Tanya shares the harrowing truths and lasting intergenerational trauma caused by Canada’s residential school system. Her storytelling promotes healing while issuing a call to action.

Confronting Systemic Racism and Inequalities

Tanya’s fearless journalism has shed light on human rights violations, youth crises, lack of clean drinking water, and other systemic injustices facing Indigenous communities. Her talks inspire accountability and substantive change.

Indigenous Resilience, Strength and Self-Determination

Through powerful first-person narratives, Tanya celebrates the enduring cultures, resilience and self-determination of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples across Canada – a source of inspiration for all.

The Path to Truth and Reconciliation

As both an Indigenous leader and ally, Tanya shares profound insights into the difficult but necessary journey of truth-telling, bridging divides, and walking the path of reconciliation together as a nation.

The Power of Indigenous Storytelling

Tanya’s own life’s work exemplifies how storytelling can give voice to the voiceless, keep traditions alive, forge connections, and be an instrument for education, healing and transformative social change.

Speaker Biography

An award-winning author and journalist, Tanya’s value proposition lies in her ability to shed light on the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples in Canada. She speaks on topics such as systemic racism, Indigenous history, and the need for reconciliation and healing. For over 25 years, Tanya Talaga has been a leading voice for Indigenous rights, human rights, and social justice in Canada. Her award-winning reporting, bestselling books like Seven Fallen Feathers, and impactful documentary films and podcasts shine an unflinching light on the generational impacts of colonialism, racism, and the residential school system.

More than just giving voice to Indigenous peoples, Tanya embodies the resilience, fortitude, and profound sense of responsibility to her community that has been passed down through generations. When she takes the stage, audiences are instantly captivated by the raw power of her words, the authentic humanity that radiates from her stories, and her rallying cry for truth, dignity and lasting change.

Tanya’s lifelong commitment to amplifying Indigenous narratives led her to found Makwa Creative Inc – an Indigenous-led team creating transformative documentary films, podcasts and speeches. Her advocacy extends far beyond media, using her platform to forge partnerships, influence policy, and drive meaningful reconciliation efforts nationwide.

Tanya’s upcoming work, “The Knowing” (book in 2024, TV series to follow), promises to be a seminal and deeply personal retelling of Canadian history through an Indigenous lens. Beginning with the life of her own great-great-grandmother who endured government-sanctioned genocide, the meticulously researched book unravels the centuries of oppression still reverberating through Indigenous communities today. For generations, disappearances of Indigenous people sent to residential schools, hospitals and asylums have been an open secret, an unhealed wound hidden by shame and abandonment. With “The Knowing”, Tanya gives powerful voice to these long-silenced truths.

Tanya Talaga is the Director and Executive Producer of Spirit to Soar, Executive Producer for Auntie Up!, Creator of 7 Truths, and Author of Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City and All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.

Tanya Talaga is Ojibwe with roots in Fort William First Nation in Ontario, Canada. She worked as a journalist at the Toronto Star for more than twenty years, and has been nominated five times for the Michener Award in public service journalism. Talaga holds an honorary Doctor of Letters from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, and shares her expertise on the boards of PEN Canada and The Narwal.