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Terry Mosher aka AISLIN

Current Events Cartoonist

AISLIN is the nom de plume Terry Mosher has used for more than 30 years as the editorial page cartoonist for Montreal’s English-language newspaper, The Gazette. Sharp in his analysis of current events and relentless in his pursuit of the newsmakers of the day, Mosher informs, entertains and provokes with a single image.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The Cartography of Canadian Cartooning

Aspects of Humour and Sattire

Caricaturing Canadians: The 25th Century Belongs to Canadians


Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism

Office | Order of Canada

  • Funny, audacious and sometimes outrageous, he is known as Aislin and is one of our country's premier political cartoonists. With a few pen strokes, he comments on Canadian life and gives us the pulse of a nation. He has become an advocate for Canada's most disadvantaged and often reminds us of their plight. His humanity and concern for fairness and justice are reflected in his work.

    - Order of Canada citation announcement
  • In a word "brilliant. Terry's a great speaker!

    - Ross Mayotte, VP - IdeaCity
  • Aislin is vivid, steely and fierce. His cartoons are a diary of every folly and controversy that has meshed with the sad Canadian consciousness over the past three decades.

    - Rex Murphy

Summary Profile

AISLIN, the name of Terry Mosher’s eldest daughter, is the nom de plume he has used for over thirty years as the editorial page cartoonist for Montreal’s English-language newspaper, The Gazette.

Terry Mosher has had a long association with The Old Brewery Mission, Montreal’s largest shelter for the homeless, and in 2001 was appointed to the institution’s Board of Directors. In recognition both of his charitable work and his contribution to the world of political cartooning, Mosher was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in May 2003.

dTo date, more than 40 Aislin books have been published. Recent collections have included: Oh, Oh!, covering the momentous period between September 11, 2001 and the June 2004 Canadian federal election.  His most recent current events book is Aislin’s Shenanigans!  Inside, you’ll find cartoons covering the transition from Bush to Obama, the ongoing travails of the Harper minority government in Ottawa, Jean Charest’s clinging to power in Quebec, and – perhaps best of all – a cartoon chronicle of street life in Montreal.

Over the course of his career, Terry Mosher has frequently appeared as a commentator on many of Canada’s major television and radio programs. He is also a regular speaker on the topics of humour, history and the importance of cartooning as a communications tool, having appeared at national conferences such as Idea City, The Banff Festival for The Arts, Montreal’s Canadian Club and numerous writers’ festivals. Mosher’s presentations, always informative and entertaining, cover a wide range of topics such as the role of humour in society, the history of political cartooning in Canada and caricature as a communications tool.