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Tom Blake

Chairman of Sprout Wellness Solutions, Sales & Motivation Expert

Tom Blake is the Chairman of Sprout. Tom has spent his career helping companies get the most from their employees. Prior to joining Sprout, Tom led Optimé International, a consultancy that has worked with over 200,000 people globally to drive company performance. Prior to Optimé he spent 18 years as a global sales and marketing leader at Procter & Gamble.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Championship Selling Learn and apply the groudbreaking concepts from the book Championship Selling – A Blueprint for Winning with Today’s Customer, focusing organizations on producing profitable growth. Championship Selling for Realtors – RECO Accredited This dynamic and interactive presentation provides rich insights on the critical, research-based factors that impact your sales performance as a realtor. Blake shares proven concepts from Sales Champions in a variety of industries in order to bring fresh thinking to your business, and importantly, to differentiate yourself from the competition. Expect to be challenged in assessing your current strengths, as well as specific opportunities for improving your sales and you leave with your very own personal action plan to make things happen! Athlete at Work As a triathlete, Blake focuses on driving improved personal performance by applying what the elite athlete knows Sharing the Lead Creating and fostering a culture where everyone is considered a leader and contributes through leadership. Winning Organizations One of the more efficient means of improving performance is to observe and learn about those whose performance is ever improving. Learning from the success of others will inspire and enable your organization to productive action. The purpose of the presentation is to identify and apply key concepts that Winning Organizations are using to focus on the customer/employee to produce profitable growth.

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Panelist/In Conversation

  • Your high energy level and lively presentation cannot be ignored as a key success factor of the sessions. Our people leave with a spirit of inspiration and enthusiasm for the adventure that they are about to undertake. But, most importantly they develop a renewed focus on our customers along with a tremendous desire to delight them.

    - Bell Canada
  • A very dynamic speaker; you could not help but give him your total attention as he delivered his presentation.

    - Parmalat Canada
  • Your energy and passion are contagious, and they help to drive home the message behind Championship selling and the key factors that differentiate top sales performers. The practical nature of the concepts you shared will help ensure the learning will be remembered and applied by our members.

    - Chamber of Commerce

Summary Profile

Tom Blake is one of North America’s most energetic motivational speakers, business consultants and sales management professionals. Blake is the Chairman of Sprout Wellness Solutions,  which offers businesses a platform that keeps employees engaged and gives management the tools to measure results. He was previously co-founder of Optimé International, a leading consulting firm he established to engage organizations in sales execution, effectiveness, training and development. Prior to Optimé, Blake worked at the executive level with Procter & Gamble as their national sales manager. Blake’s leadership has transformed the sales and marketing techniques of such companies as Cadbury-Adams, RBC, Nestlé and Pepsi. He has a reputation for delivering outstanding results in highly complex and competitive markets. Committed to your organization’s success, Blake tailors his presentations to meet your specific needs, challenges and opportunities, helping you achieve outstanding results.

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