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Tony Chapman

Entrepreneur, Marketing & Brand Strategist

Tony Chapman is a contributor to the conversation at Conferences and on National Television and Radio. He draws upon his three decades of experience as a consumer expert and business strategist pack each talk with powerful insights and big ideas.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Stop Telling Your Story and Become Part of Mine
Attention is the oxygen of almost all endeavour.  Attention breathes opportunity to inspire, motivate, educate. To lead, market and sell. The challenge is that in the ‘Age of Noise’, many people, ideas and most content is starving for attention. There is too much and too many chasing a finite amount of time and money.  It is becoming impossible to be heard. This keynote will show how you to be heard and to how to earn the attention of the people that matter most to you by engaging their ‘head, heart and hands’.  Learn how to shape how they think, feel, behave and buy. The key is to stop telling your story and instead become part of theirs.  In doing so you shift the conversation and consideration from what you do too why you matter most. 

This keynote is customized and packed with unique insights and actionable ideas for your audience.  It’s also available as an interactive workshop that provides hands-on training.

Platform Plus

Host, Moderator & Interviewer

Tony is a frequent and often daily contributor to the conversation on National Television and Radio. Tony draws upon his skills as a media host and spokesperson to extend his offering beyond his Keynotes and Workshops. Tony can be available as your Host for the Day ensuring that a consistent message is woven throughout the different Keynotes and Panel Discussions. He considered one of Canada’s top moderators. He is also available to do promotional videos, interview key individuals, or help to support your media efforts surrounding your event.


Marketing Hall of Legends

Agency of the Year

  • A strong and motivational message that inspired attendees. His presentation tied into our theme well; both asking and answering industry specific questions to provide a clear example of how his theory is applicable in agri-retail. Our attendees appreciated his customized approach.

    - President & CEO, Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
  • A passionate speaker and steps ahead of most. He brings the insights and big ideas that we can act upon.

    - CEO of Cineplex Entertainment
  • Our delegates raved about him….the content was outstanding. Following his presentation, I walked in to the hallway and literally encountered three delegates (two of whom are on our board) who were on their phones with their agencies changing ad creative and taglines!

    - Executive Director, Boating BC Association
  • Tony digs deep into the subject to build and stage an outstanding and relevant presentation" based on his audience and the key challenges they face. Tony also draws on his vast experiences, research and timely intel to provide poignant insights into emerging and existing challenges that an organization needs to be aware of and understand. Tony's captivates and resonates.

    - Former Chairman of the Board, Hockey Canada
  • Tony passion is palpable, and the energy level in the room becomes notably higher when he is speaking. His messages are clear, simple and concise - we had Partners still quoting Tony a year after that partners' meeting. He clearly left a mark on our conference and firm.

    - National Director Marketing, and Communications, Grant Thornton LLP
  • We love having Tony as a keynote - he understands retail and what it takes to win. He delivers great content with passion and always keeps the audience wanting more.

    - CEO Retail Council of Canada
  • Tony is energetic and informative. He engages both the panel and the audience by asking big questions that bring out fresh insights and provokes great discussion.

    - Vice President of Marketing, Walmart
  • Tony doesn’t moderate a panel; he masterminds it. He knows how to bring out the best of the best.

    - CEO, Second Cup Coffee Company

Summary Profile

Tony has delivered inspirational talks at Mobile Conferences in China, Spain, and Brazil, at Tourism Conferences in Poland and Mexico, as well as talking to entrepreneurs, retailers, automotive, tourism and hospitality, pharma and B2B across North America. Rather than specializing in speaking to one sector, Tony chooses to work across many as each provides a unique lens into another. He also does half-day brainstorming sessions with Boards and Leadership teams.  

To prepare and customize each talk Tony does deep dives into his audience’s world and then draws upon his three decades of experience helping Leaders compete.  He uncovers compelling insights that he then ladders into the Big Ideas that are needed to counter the prevailing headwinds.

Audiences consistently give him the highest marks for his passion, persuasiveness and his level of personalization and relevancy.  Tony believes that only by helping his audience get to where they need to go will he engage their ‘head, heart and hands’- and shape how they think, feel and behave. 

In 2008 Tony became one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, and two national and two international documentaries showcase his approach to branding and strategy. You might also recognize Tony when he was the Judge on Food Network’s Recipe to Riches, the Host of Nissan Innovation Challenge, or currently his ‘Cause and Effect’ Segments across Bell Media.