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Tony Chapman

Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Marketing & Brand Strategist

Tony doesn’t just inspire, he educates and motivates.  He draws upon three decades helping organizations large and small, local and global, compete to create customized keynotes packed with relevant insights, ideas, and strategies that the audience can action in their marketplace. He has founded or cofounded two international renowned communications agencies and a research firm.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Taking the air out of Airbnb
The mass marketplace is collapsing under the weight of abundance.  There are too many choices, channels and messages competing for the attention of a customer who has a finite amount of time. Online behaviour has spawned a vibrant marketplace populated by disruptors who effortlessly and thoroughly connect Buyers and Sellers, through their ‘User Experience’. In this customized presentation, Tony shares actionable insights, ideas and strategies for organizations looking to win back share from the sharing economy. He takes audiences on a deep dive into the sharing economy, identifying their strengths and vulnerabilities. Tony encourages audiences to focus on the Human Experience not the User Experience and in doing so take the air out of Airbnb and the sharing economy. 

Millennial ‘Disruption or Eruption’ – The Choice is Yours
Millennials are your future. This year they will surpass the Boomer in both size and spending power. They trust strangers more than brands, access over ownership, their social network over advertising, and they harness technology to get more life out of life. They have little loyalty to legacy, and they are the first to embrace brands that offer a faster, better and more affordable mousetrap. For three decades Tony has created award-winning ideas to help his clients engage and win over the Millennial Consumer and Employee.  In his inspiring keynote, customized to your industry sector, he will share invaluable insights on how this cohort ‘thinks, feels and behave’ and then offer ideas and strategies that you can immediately act upon in your marketplace.

From Mass to My
Mass once titled the scales for brands.  “He who shouts loudest wins’.  Mass advertising, mass distribution, the size of your sales force all determined your level of engagement and market share. Today, shouting loud has lost its voice, and having a big footprint matters little in a world of abundance.  The marketplace is seeing a Great Divide, with the middle disappearing.  On the ‘Mass’ side there are too many similar brands, waning consumer demand, and price has become the primary tiebreaker.  If you are marketing or selling here, chances are you are in a race to zero without an airbag. On the other side of the divide are the ‘My’ Brands.  These products, services, and individuals are enjoying sustainable profitability and growth because they matter.  Almost anyone or anything can cross the Great Divide and realize the benefits that come from moving from ‘mass to my’. Tony Chapman, branding and sales expert, will show you how with this inspiring and content rich Keynote, customized based on the competitive dynamics of your marketplace.

Customer Loyalty Must be Told, Not Sold
Traffic and Basket are what matters most.  Attracting, keeping and retaining the right customers.  Getting them to buy, buy more and more often. Tony Chapman believes that price offers, points, and promotions create an itch but left unchecked they become inflammatory. They punish your bottom line and teach your consumer to be promiscuous. His belief is that true loyalty must be told, not sold.  What you do, how you execute, your location, and your hours of operation all matter, but in a marketplace where the consumer has almost infinite choice, and continues to demand ‘more for less,’ you need to go one step further. In this inspiring keynote, Tony Chapman will draw upon market tested case studies, and then add actionable insights, ideas, and strategies relevant to your marketplace, to demonstrate how your Customer Loyalty must be Sold, Not Told.

Platform Plus

Workshop or Keynote | Stop Selling and Start Storytelling

Engagement is the oxygen of marketing, sales, leadership and life. It is your only path to persuasion, promise and profitability. So how do you engage in a world where your customer is bombarded with 5,000 messages a day? Where many brand and sales platforms lack differentiation and are drowning in a sea of sameness. The key is to become part of your customer's story versus simply telling or selling yours. To shift the conversation from what your product, service or talents can do to how they can enable your customer's life and livelihood. Whether you are investing in a marketing campaign, or presenting face to face, this Keynote or Workshop presentation, packed with insights, ideas and strategies for your marketplace, will teach and inspire you on how to win by Stop Selling and Start Storytelling.


Tony is a master at facilitating conversations that draw out actionable takeaways for any type of audience.


Marketing Hall of Legends

Agency of the Year

  • A strong and motivational message that inspired attendees. His presentation tied into our theme well; both asking and answering industry specific questions to provide a clear example of how his theory is applicable in agri-retail. Our attendees appreciated his customized approach.

    - President & CEO, Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
  • A passionate speaker and steps ahead of most. He brings the insights and big ideas that we can act upon.

    - CEO of Cineplex Entertainment
  • Our delegates raved about him….the content was outstanding. Following his presentation, I walked in to the hallway and literally encountered three delegates (two of whom are on our board) who were on their phones with their agencies changing ad creative and taglines!

    - Executive Director, Boating BC Association
  • Tony digs deep into the subject to build and stage an outstanding and relevant presentation" based on his audience and the key challenges they face. Tony also draws on his vast experiences, research and timely intel to provide poignant insights into emerging and existing challenges that an organization needs to be aware of and understand. Tony's captivates and resonates.

    - Former Chairman of the Board, Hockey Canada
  • Tony passion is palpable, and the energy level in the room becomes notably higher when he is speaking. His messages are clear, simple and concise - we had Partners still quoting Tony a year after that partners' meeting. He clearly left a mark on our conference and firm.

    - National Director Marketing, and Communications, Grant Thornton LLP
  • We love having Tony as a keynote - he understands retail and what it takes to win. He delivers great content with passion and always keeps the audience wanting more.

    - CEO Retail Council of Canada
  • Tony is energetic and informative. He engages both the panel and the audience by asking big questions that bring out fresh insights and provokes great discussion.

    - Vice President of Marketing, Walmart
  • Tony doesn’t moderate a panel; he masterminds it. He knows how to bring out the best of the best.

    - CEO, Second Cup Coffee Company

Summary Profile

Tony packs each talk with unique and relevant insights, ideas and strategies that your audience can apply in their marketplace. He is a frequent contributor to the conversation on television, radio, newspapers and in new media. Tony’s passion is ’cause and effect’. The causes behind the forces of change in our society and marketplace, and the impact and effect they have on the viewer. His philosophy on winning, in an age of abundance, is in four separate television documentaries.

He has delivered inspirational and transformational Keynotes to audiences in China, Brazil, throughout Western Europe and North America. Passionate, provocative, opinionated and relevant, with an engaging personality, he speaks on a range of issues including consumerism, business strategy, politics, the economy, as well as branding and marketing.

He is one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, and a winner of over 100 Gold and Best of Show Awards, including Marketing Magazines Agency of the Year. Tony has also been a Judge on Food Networks hit Recipe to Riches, or as the Host of the Nissan Innovation Challenge in City TV.