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Vicki Gabereau

Award-Winning Talk Show Host

Nothing is static about the unpredictable, outspoken and accomplished Vicki Gabereau, including her self-titled talk show. Like her remarkable career, Vicki embraced change evolving into an intelligent and refreshing option for television viewers.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Life in the Emergency Fast Lane
Fast starts, line-ups, long-winded telephone calls, people who won’t stop talking! Vicki Gabereau talks about life in the emergency lane and what it’s like on the radio treadmill that she rides. Full of hilarious stories, amusing anecdotes and a behind-the-scenes look at the people you’d most like to meet, this presentation is sure to have the tears rolling down your face!


Women in Film & Video Vancouver | Woman of the Year Award

Leo Awards | Best Lifestyle or Talk Series
Leo Awards | Best Host in a Lifestyle or Talk Series

  • Her (Vicki's) talk was very well received and also reported in the press. We found her a very colourful and most amusing speaker who held the audience's attention for the whole time...we would heartily recommend her to any audience.

    - Vice President, Canadian Club of Victoria
  • Thank you for your very funny presentation...the fact that you were irreverent and absolutely fascinating too was just a bonus!

    - University of Western Ontario
  • The magnanimous and charming Vicki Gabereau was obviously the highlight of the evening, and having her as master of ceremonies on her own set was fabulous.

    - PRIME Strategies
  • With her sharp intellect, quick wit and genuine interest in people, the former radio host and published author has been called "the Queen of Talk.

    - CTV

Summary Profile

Vicki Gabereau is a three time ACTRA Award Winner for best radio host-interviewer, and Canada’s undisputed Queen of Talk. Gabereau is the kind of person who makes friends wherever she goes. She has a knack for getting the most reticent and evasive guests to chat with her like neighbours over the back fence, making it easy to get the inside scoop that Barbara Walters never gets.

Gabereau’s insight into the lives of the people she interviews, her warmth and her wit (not to mention her humour)add up to make her a hit with audiences across the country. Gabereau has also published an autobiography, This Won’t Hurt a Bit and a cookbook collecting some of her favourite recipes sent in by her CBC radio listeners.