Alex Benay “Everything’s Changed: Leadership In The Digital Age” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

How you manage your teams, organizations or projects has been fundamentally upended over the past decade.  Has your leadership style evolved?  The digital revolution has taken a mere decade to creep into every aspect of our lives, and things are now different, forever.  One cannot manage today like we managed in the past.  COVID-19 has only expedited and made these changes more acute.

Alex Benay will go over what has actually happened to the workplace during the digital economic transition of the past 5-10 years, and how it changes everything.  He will highlight what assumptions you are most likely guilty of as a leader, and what new leadership traits must emerge in order to compete and win in this new digital reality, leaving a top 10 traits of a digital leader for the audience to take home and action.  

Key highlights from this presentation include:

  • The power of radical transparency
  • Why delegation is dead
  • How a transformation mindset stalls progress


An advocate for culture change that facilitates more digital, agile and open organizations, Alex Benay is a dynamic executive with public, crown and private sector experience. 

Benay is not your typical executive! At Microsoft, he is making digital government a reality by helping lead the company’s global government cloud strategy. In his previous role as Partner of Digital and Government Solutions at KPMG AI, Benay helped the firms’ public sector clients effectively implement key digital technologies and solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (including ethical AI), Blockchain, Cloud computing, Data Security and Privacy, Digital Identification, Digital Integrity and Assurance. 

In his previous role as Canada’s CIO, Benay was responsible for a broad portfolio with a budget of $6 billion, 17 thousand employees and countless vendors. With technology and change as constants, Benay balanced the needs of government information systems with the demands of an increasingly dynamic, digitally-savvy and on-demand population. 

His book Canadian Failures brings together successful Canadians such as astronauts and gold medal athletes to discuss how failure got them to where they are today in an effort to remove the national stigma surrounding the term ‘to fail’.

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