Hire a Leadership Speaker for your Event

Hire a Leadership Speaker for your Event

See How Our Speakers Can Guide Your Staff On How To Become Leaders In Your Organization

We’ve gathered a comprehensive suite of experts who, through the course of their lives, have gained insights into how to be an outstanding leader. From Olympic medallists to military generals, we have a variety of expert leadership speakers who can impart their skills to your attendees.

Develop your staff’s leadership skills through our speakers who deliver:

  • Increased personal responsibility
  • Personal and business guidance
  • Improved confidence

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The Types of Leaders on our Roster

Each business has different levels of leadership needs. From organizations that want to foster leadership skills in their staff to those that are polishing the skillsets of their executive staff, our roster of leadership development speakers can give your team the tools they need to succeed.

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is all about taking responsibility for your life. The skills that our speakers will impart to your staff will make them better leaders, in all aspects of their life. Because they’ll be more successful, they’ll be happier and more productive at work.

Executive Leadership

Whether you’re grooming an internal candidate for a promotion to a senior role, or you just want to freshen up the skillset of your leadership team, our team of leadership development speakers are the perfect choice. They’ll give your guests the skills they need to successfully lead their teams.

A Range of Leadership Styles

There are a huge range of varied leadership styles that you can benefit from. Each of our talented speakers have displayed leadership in areas like the military, sports, and business. No matter which style you choose, you’re sure to gain a unique perspective.


Every leader has their own style, but Olympic athlete speakers bring a unique perspective that no other style can match. Throughout these individual’s lives, they’ve strived towards the goal of being the best that they can possibly be, and the best in the world. This drive and passion has given them an iron will and a clear view of how to succeed.

These athletes are a great choice because they’ve successfully pushed through failure, competition, and obstacles, which is a critical skill for any leader in your business.


Extreme discipline, resourcefulness, teamwork, and motivation are key messages of our leadership speakers who come from a military background. These former generals and soldiers can impart on your team the key learnings they’ve gained from a life of service to the country and often leading their teams in life or death, and world changing situations.


Innovative leadership techniques are at the core of each of our successful business leadership speakers. They’ve managed to achieve incredible results by empowering their teams with the tools they need to succeed. Through their experiences, they’re able to impart useful methods that your staff can use to inspire and motivate their teams and each other.

Benefits of our Leadership Keynote Speakers

There are a wide range of benefits that you and your guests will experience when you book one of our leadership keynote speakers. These include:

Increased Sense of Ownership

When staff are empowered with leadership skills, they feel more responsible for their work. This means that, for both staff and your executive team, your organization will work better as a unit as each person gives their utmost effort.

Greater Sense of Direction

By giving your leaders skills and tools that better allow them to manage each aspect of the business, you benefit from a much more focused sense of direction. This means that the business as a whole can be more effective and hone in on key initiatives.

Improved Confidence

Better leaders are more confident in what they do. This confidence is infectious, spreading to the team and helping them to buy into the company’s goals and projects. As a result, your staff will have increased satisfaction and happiness.

With our long history of delivering insights and expertise from leadership speakers, we’ve become experts and ensuring your guests learn to become better leaders. Our comprehensive roster of leadership and motivational speakers are the perfect fit to inspire, inform, and motivate leaders both new and old. Reach out to our team to make sure that your business benefits from our speaker’s leadership techniques.