CSAE Trillium | Summer Summit 2016

The Trillium Chapter of CSAE is holding its 11th annual Summer Summit in Blue Mountain, Ontario this week. This summit is a must-attend event for association executives and leaders looking for valuable education and networking opportunities. This year, one of our speakers will be bringing his expert insight on generating meaningful engagement to the audience in attendance: NSB-Divider

Dave-Meslin-HiRes4-2015-600x400Dave Meslin | Political Entrepreneur & Engagement Specialist

Dave inspires audiences to invert the traditional pyramid of hierarchy by creating meaningful opportunities to engage our employees, our members, our students. His thesis is simple: We’re stronger and smarter when we’re all involved. Dave believes transforming top-down leadership into bottom-up collaboration is the true challenge of the 21st century. After making waves on election night for his creative use of LEGO blocks to illustrate what proportional representation could mean for future elections, Dave has carried the momentum forward through his work with Unlock Democracy Canada.  The organization has pushed forward a ‘LEGO my Vote‘ movement to show just how our election results are heavily distorted, resulting in parliaments that simply don’t reflect what Canadians actually voted for. The movement aims to achieve democratic renewal and proportional government. At CSAE’s Summer Summit Dave will be delivering a professional development presentation for those working in or for the not-for-profit sector. He will bring forward anecdotes from the non-profit sector, the electoral scene and the vibrant world of grassroots community organizing to paint an optimistic and inspiring picture of the possibilities that lie within all of us.

For more information on how Dave Meslin can bring actionable insights to your audiences reach out to us.