International Women’s Day | Innovative Solutions for Big Problems With Dr. Julielynn Wong

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and this year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange. It’s a call to action to forge a better way of life – a more inclusive, gender equal world.

Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting some of our acclaimed Women in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) speakers, who are breaking boundaries while inspiring other women to pursue their passions. 

Today’s guest blog comes from Physician-Scientist, Innovator & Educator Dr. Julielynn Wong. Her life’s mission is to take technology to the extreme to benefit the world.  Dr. Wong is internationally recognized as a 3D printing, drone, robotics, telemedicine and digital health pioneer who uses cutting-edge technology to deliver healthcare solutions across diverse environments, from outer space to remote communities with limited access to healthcare resources.

Dr. Wong’s Trailblazing Women in Technology presentation draws on her experiences as a woman working in a non-traditional field and a male-dominated industry offers a unique perspective that empowers girls and women to embrace exciting careers and leadership roles in science, technology, and engineering fields. Check out her interview with us for International Women’s Day:

“To be a successful innovator, to some extent, you have not actually not care what people think. If you see a solution that can fix a big problem, then go ahead and do it.”
-Dr. Julielynn Wong



Julielynn is at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to her ground-breaking thinking, NASA astronauts have been given the power to use a 3D printer aboard the ISS to create medical tools in space. After the news broke, she appeared on CTV’s Your Morning, and in TVO to share insights on the technology and how it can be used to benefit humanity here on earth.

“This will not only save time and money for Canadian patients, but could benefit the 45 percent of the world’s population who live in rural areas and who lack access to medical care.”

Image via NASA

In 2016, Julielynn was one of four women to enter NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) habitat. The researchers spent 30-days in isolation to simulate the isolation and flight operations involved in a long-duration mission to a near-Earth asteroid. The three-story structure used for the experiment housed the equipment needed to replicate tasks and habitation an astronaut would do in space. When discussing the experience, Julielynn said, “for me what’s exciting… as somebody who conducts scientific research, to propel development in the spaceflight sector.” After the experience, she encouraged those interested in becoming an astronaut, to apply to NASA programs where deep space simulations and testing take place in order to get that all-important hands-on experience. Learn more about the NASA simulation here or hear the Planetary Radio interview with Julielynn after leaving the HERA habitat.

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