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Nikolas Badminton

World-Renowned Futurist

Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected researcher, futurist, author, and teacher with over 20 years of research, writing, speaking, and technology implementation experience. Nikolas thinks about how society adopts exponential technologies and changes how we operate in the world and writes insightful and challenging articles that aim to open people’s minds to the opportunities that lay in front of us. 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The Future of…
Nikolas offers industry-specific presentations focused on what’s next. View a list of some sample talks here.

Society with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
This talk will ask what’s the big deal with AI and what it means for us in society, business, and personal life. It will also look at how startups can benefit and take advantage of open source AI in practical terms. This presentation covers the birth of AI, its relevance to business and its roles in industry and everyday life. Nikolas also explores questions around ethics and equality in AI Applications.

Caring, Sharing, and Building Business Together
This presentation looks at how the world is changing with the advent of mobile as the predominant device, the growth of the sharing economy, and how businesses are recalibrating to empower their staff to do more while loving their jobs.

The Digital Revolution
The Digital Revolution is underway. Global companies are transforming from consumer, product and service companies into digital organizations that utilize IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to reconstruct themselves internally to become more competitive, while delivering greater value to their customers and partners. This future-now of digital, and IoT out in the world, will be explored during this presentation.

G.R.O.W. – Building a Future-Ready Business Operations and Culture
This session is perfect for startups, businesses struggling to change and grow, and those people considering starting their own business in a fresh and sustainable way. It will go into the sharing economy and new modes for working in the G.R.O.W. model:

  • Growth-driven and productive
  • Radical working practices
  • Open communities
  • Working smarter
  • Nikolas was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. His presentation was very well-received and we've heard only great things so far. I've attached the feedback that was submitted in the mobile app for his keynote for your reference.

    - Program Director and 2018 Committee Chair, ARMA Canada
  • I just wanted to say again how great your presentation was and thank you for coming out! It was amazing hearing your insights and can't wait to see how this weekend progresses off your inspiring words!

    - University of Saskatchewan Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • My team has gotten more value from Nikolas' event Future Camp in a single day than at SXSW in 8 days.

    - Head of Innovation at a multi-billion dollar sportswear brand.
  • The entire AgEx presentation, absolutely brilliant. A jawdropping experience!

    - AgEx 2015 
  • Nikolas was completely accurate in the danger and ownership of data and how to secure it now and what the future holds.

    - Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

Summary Profile

Nikolas is a master of igniting curiosity in the changing world, thinking creatively of how technologies affect business and life, and educating people on future-proofing their businesses. He offers dynamic presentations, which bring-forward in-depth of knowledge on the subject matter coupled with plenty of humour and creativity.

Oftentimes organizations are overwhelmed by the amount of changes happening in society and are paralysed to know how to adjust how they work, and what to invest time and money into. Nikolas demystifies how the world is changing and focuses in on what directly affects industries, consumers, and the business landscape to allow for strategic thinking and frameworks to evolve how organizations work and can grow over the next 10 to 20 years.

Nikolas has spent over 20 years defining business-changing strategies with technology companies globally, consulting with world-leading blue chips on how to optimize and grow their businesses, advising startups on consumer engagement and growth, and speaking to audience’s keen to understand how society will change.

Nikolas believes that everyone can create a future for their lives and business through continued education, the application of knowledge, and critical thinking. His mantra is ‘Learn something new each day and understand how that changes the world.

He’s produced Cyborg Camp YVR which brought 150 of the world’s greatest thinkers together to ignite change and new thinking in cyborg anthropology, wearables, emotional robotics, and business evolution.

Nikolas has also helped some big organizations be future-ready. He’s worked with Dell to help them evolve their direct marketing capability in 14 countries across Europe through big data, analytics, and creative engagement to significantly grow their business. He’s enabled Microsoft to engage consumers globally in new ways through authenticity and transparency in social media communications. Nikolas has also delivered innovative solution to TELUS through 3D printing, and social engagement with vending machines.

He has presented to HSBC, TELUS, BC Association of School Board Officers, Canadian Government, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, London Futurists, Communitech. Nikolas is a go-to futurist for prominent media organizations. He’s appeared on BBC, CBC, CTV, Global News, VICE, Globe and Mail, CNN Money, Techcrunch, Huffington Post, Forbes, Venturebeat, Betakit, TechVibes, Business.com, and other media.