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Andy Nulman

Business Builder: Just for Laughs & Airborne Mobile

Two big wins. From nothing. And now he’s back for a third. Andy Nulman helped build Just for Laughs from the ground up to become the most prestigious comedy festival on earth rising to the helm of CEO. After 15 years, he left to start up the mobile media firm Airborne Mobile, then sold it for over $100 million. He’s currently the President & CEO of Play The Future an app that combines predictive trivia with branded content.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Creativity – Grow Wings!
To show the power and energy of creativity, Andy Nulman can create a presentation on the fly with never before seen images that he builds a presentation and story around, all tying to the theme of creativity. He urges audiences to “Grow Wings” take a step, jump, and grow wings on the way down.  Nulman believes creativity is having the wherewithall to deal with what is thrown at you, and having the guts to throw something at the world.  It’s not enough to talk about it or think about it. Creativity needs to be lived and experienced. If you don’t sometimes fail you’re not being creative enough.  Believe in yourself…and grow wings!

Pow! Profiting from the Power of Surprise
Nulman shares how surprise is the powerful catalyst that sparks explosive word-of-mouth and jumpstarts the modern client relationship.

How to Do the Impossible
You can become the type of person who can do the impossible, but it’s going to take some work. No matter what your “impossible” is, you’re going to have to think like an impossibilist, act like an impossibilist, breathe like an impossibilist…be an impossibilist!

One Hand in their Pocket
The constant mobile connection to your customers. How the mobile market will change everything . Especially You.

The Three-Word Secret to Tourism Success
This topic is one that is relevant to the entire tourism industry, whether you’re responsible for a country, province, city, major attraction, community event, hotel or even a roadside stand. Filled with real-life examples and colorful pictures, swathed in Nulman’s off-the-wall and no-holds-barred humour, and appended by a real-time Q&A brainstorming/work session, The Three-Word Secret to Tourism Success is the optimum mix of learning and fun.

Beyond the Keynote

  • He was a fantastic speaker and really resonated with local media and with our conference delegates. Not only did he bring an abundance of energy and humour to his talk, he also did his homework about the Yukon and our tourism industry...I'd gladly recommend Andy to other organizations that are looking for a dynamic presenter.

    - Executive Director, TIA Yukon
  • Just a few words to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance yesterday at C-2 MTL. WOW, we need more of those “pertinent electroshocks” on creativity. Hope you’ll be back next year! - Loto-Québec
  • I LOVED listening to you talk about Surprise Marketing at the MGBC conference. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. You can be sure that I will be using this as inspiration to create new marketing pieces

    - Development & Promotion Manager, eFundraising.com
  • ...wow, fantastic way to start off conference...Motivating and energizing….an interesting and fun presentation which encourages one to think beyond the normal.

    - Attendees, Wal-Mart
  • "POW! Right Between the Eyes! proves that a little goes a long way; Nulman's radical new methods are bound to POW through traditional marketing and leave their mark

    - ManageSmarter

Summary Profile

Two big wins. From nothing.  And now he’s returning to the scene of his first – for his third.

That’s Andy Nulman’s story in a nutshell. While young in spirit and snappy in dress, Andy Nulman has been creating and leading major media projects for over three decades. Onstage, he can be funny or motivational, he can talk tech or bellow about business…and do so in a way that never fails to cause a stir.

Desperate for work at the age of 23 after being fired from his journalism job, Andy joined a two-night, French-language humour event starting up in Montreal. When he left 15 years later as its CEO and driving force, the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival was the biggest and most prestigious of its kind on earth, attracting more than 2 million visitors over a month-long period. During his tenure, Andy worked with the likes of Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Martin Short, Tina Fey and Adam Sandler, sold multi-million dollar corporate sponsorships and created/ Executive Produced over 150 Festival TV shows, in a variety of languages, all over the world.

Then came Airborne Mobile. In 1999, Andy co-founded this pioneering company in the burgeoning new industry of mobile media and marketing. Most people, including Airborne’s early investors, didn’t give the fledgling firm much chance to survive its first year. Less than seven years later though, Airborne was not only honored as North America’s 4th-Fastest Growing Tech Company in Deloitte’s Fast 500 ranking, but sold to Japan’s Cybird Holdings for $110 million. What’s more, three years after that, he and his partner bought it back.  For way, way less. No wonder he speaks about How To Do The Impossible and the Power of Surprise.

As of July 2010, Nulman returned with big, groundshaking plans of change, as President of Festivals and Television to Just for Laughs and its French component Juste Pour Rire. While remaining on the Airborne board with some operational duties on the interactive TXT-TV television network project, his first love Just for Laughs will be his full-time gig. As his title suggests, he will take charge of Just for Laughs/Juste Pour Rire as well as the upstart festivals in Toronto and Chicago, plus the television production arms of the company.

In his spare time, Andy is also an oft-published author (three books and counting, including the breakthrough marketing effort Pow! Right Between The Eyes-Profiting From The Power of Surprise, half-decent snowboarder, gym rat, contemporary art buff, newbie hockey defenceman (a convert after two decades as a goalie) and prolific blogger on lessons he learns.

Other accomplishments include being named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 business leaders by the Financial Post in 1997, voted one of the Top 100 Montrealers of the 20th Century by the Montreal Gazette in 2000, and honored as a distinguished recipient of the McGill Management Achievement Award in 2004.


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