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RT @CPA_APC: "We can learn from each other's stories of survival" @AmandaLindhout #cpaconference http://t.co/RJCB5NQo4D (Oct 02)
RT @CPA_APC: Suffering makes you want to make a real meaning out of your life @AmandaLindhout. Inspiring. #cpaconference (Oct 02)
RT @nmpanek: @smrtgrls This is what a rocket scientist can look like. Smart. Strong. Determined. http://t.co/26O5SswFnR (Oct 02)
Stephen Lewis (http://t.co/iRPxLzNyKK) & @AIDS_Free_World's latest: New World Health Organization guidelines on HIV https://t.co/hWnJSz8IJp (Oct 02)
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