Jennifer Moss on (Re)Discovering Happiness at Work | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

Only 1 in 4 people are flourishing at work – why?

We’ve come through a global crisis, but it changed us. It forced us to rethink our core values. More than ever, we want our jobs to hold meaning and yet, we’re struggling to find it. In a post-pandemic world, if your organization senses an opportunity for further enhancement, Jennifer Moss‘ presentation could be the catalyst you’re seeking for.

Backed by meticulous research, this session provides insights into thriving in today’s professional landscape and rediscovering joy in the workplace. Jennifer has identified 5 New Leadership Imperatives essential for the future of work.


We hope Jennifer’s expertise will provide valuable insights for your team and organization. With topics that span from adapting to a changing work landscape to fostering meaningful connections, her perspectives on wellbeing and innovation can enhance your approach to team dynamics and organizational resilience.


Key highlights from this session include:

  • Leadership For The New Era — Encouraging employees through hope is a crucial strategy. Combatting burnout and change fatigue involves tactics such as setting clear goals, providing continuous feedback, and fostering autonomy.

  • Adapting to the Metaverse of Work — The impact of the pandemic has led to a significant shift in work dynamics. Engaging and supporting employees are paramount in navigating the evolving nature of work and fostering meaning and connection in the workplace.

  • Combatting Workplace Challenges — The prevalence of challenges like the “friendship recession,” burnout, and the need for genuine connections highlights the growing significance of cultivating a supportive workplace culture. Powerful tools include advocating for work friendships and introducing purpose into the workplace to build meaningful connections.

Resources From The Webinar

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About Jennifer Moss

Award-winning writer, committed researcher, and syndicated radio columnist, Jennifer Moss is a leading voice of this generation on work-related topics. She is a sought out commentator for global media as an expert in employee well-being, mental health, and burnout, as well as the future of work and leadership. 

She specializes in transforming workplace culture using data-driven leadership strategies. 

Jennifer writes for Harvard Business Review and Fast Company and her work is frequently included by CNN, TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Her latest book, The Burnout Epidemic, tackles employee burnout and was among the ’10 Best New Management Books for 2022′ by Thinkers50. Her next book will be published this year by Harvard Business Press.

Sample of Jennifer’s former clients: Google, Shopify, TD Bank, Fidelity Investments, Sun Life, and more…



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