NSB’s Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Your Guest Speaker

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1. Profile Information

Most speakers offer a comprehensive profile card, including a summary of their experience, media features, topic specialties, and testimonials. Reviewing these profiles provides insights into the speaker’s credibility in their respective topic areas.

2. Preview

Explore online videos on speaker profiles, offering a glimpse of their style, sample content, and audience response.

3. Your Program

Tailor your speaker choice to your audience, theme, organization, and event purpose. Whether you’re seeking a celebrity draw, topic-specific content, or a best-selling author, we’ve got you covered.

4. Budget

Define your speaker budget, and we can recommend great speakers within your range. Quality speakers are available in every budget category.

5. Travel

Consider your travel budget and preferences—are you looking for someone local, or perhaps aiming to bring in a speaker your audience wouldn’t usually get the chance to hear?

6. Style

Determine the style of speaker you’re looking for—informational, inspirational, entertaining, or a combination. Decide if you want interaction or primarily a keynote to stimulate thought.

7. Recommendations

Leverage the experience of your colleagues, speaker bureaus, or meeting planners for speaker recommendations. Our “Most Popular” and “New Speakers” categories can guide you to compelling choices aligned with your industry.

8. Audience Reviews & Testimonial Quotes

You can find real-time feedback of speaker reviews from audience members on speaker profiles. These quotes are often unsolicited and provide further confirmation of the speaker’s talent. We complete these for your reference.

9. Discussion

Want a chance to connect with your speaker before or after confirming your event? We can arrange a pre or post-event connection to ensure a customized presentation that fits your organization’s needs and event focus.

10. Feedback

We value your feedback on the speaker’s style, content, and impact. Sharing your insights helps us continually improve and refine our recommendations.



Remember, our services come at no extra cost to you. Speaker rates are standard whether you connect with them directly or through an agency, as speakers compensate agencies for the support in confirming engagements.

Let us support you in finding the ideal speaker, handling logistics, and ensuring your event is a success.