George Stroumboulopoulos on Climate Change & Collective Responsibility

George Stroumboulopoulos on Sustainability & Climate Change:

He’s known as the host of one of Apple Music’s top music programs; STROMBO. He also has a deep commitment to our planet’s well-being. 

As a World Food Programme Ambassador, George doesn’t just advocate from the sidelines. He’s journeyed to some of the world’s most food-insecure regions, including Syria, witnessing the harsh realities of hunger, along with the urgent struggle for survival and sustainability. 

Recently, George visited Greenland, a region grappling with the very real impacts of our changing climate. He explored newly formed mega crevasses on one of the only two ice sheets in the world.  Click to watch his video here.

He encourages collective responsibility and the shared mission to promote a healthier, more sustainable world. 

“Yes, climate always changes but research clearly shows it’s now changing because of humans, and at a faster rate than has ever happened before. That’s what makes our current moment in Earth’s history — the Anthropocene — different from anything that’s come before it. 
The world’s largest island has become one of the epicentres of global climate change. With 2/3rds of the island being north of the Arctic Circle, Greenland is remote, but what happens there affects the whole planet. 

George Stroumboulopoulos:

Through initiatives spotlighting the climate crisis, he demonstrates how our voices and actions can make a difference.  Strombo excels as a connector, adept at amplifying crucial ideas and social trends.  Engaging with influential thinkers, he delves into a wide range of subjects including current events, politics, business, environmentalism, music, and culture. His strength lies in his ability to bridge connections with experts and ideas, serving as a conduit for impactful discussions and meaningful insights.

Power of Bearing Witness

Stroumboulopoulos shares his honest response to witnessing massive crevasses marring the Greenland ice sheet. This firsthand look at climate change’s impacts, and interviews with scientists on the ground, brings the issue closer to home. 

By sharing his experience, Strombo helps make climate change feel immediate and real to audiences.

>>Personal stories enable people to connect and be moved to action.

Leading with Insight 

Stroumboulopoulos retains an informative and non-judgmental approach. He focuses on finding common ground, understanding the science, and creating space for open dialogue.

>>Stroumboulopoulos showcases people making a difference – inspiring hope through innovation and responsible stewardship . 

Answering the Call 

Strombo sees today’s climate crisis as a pressing call to action. He leverages his far-reaching platform to provide perspectives that spark reflection and change.

>>His example highlights how influential voices can make an impact by inspiring others and giving a platform for those with lived experience. This collective momentum is what effective climate leadership can look like.


About George Stroumboulopoulos

Host, Apple Music & Ambassador, World Food Programme

George Stroumboulopoulos is one of North America’s most popular and respected broadcasters. He is the host of STROMBO on Apple Music’s global radio station, AppleMusic Hits, and curator for Apple’s book club; Strombo’s Lit. He can also be heard on the Sunday-night radio program, The Strombo Show, on CBC Radio 2. Over the course of his career, George has interviewed a who’s who of entertainment icons, sports stars, world leaders and respected thinkers, to share the human experience and see the good in each other.

George doesn’t just ask questions – he creates space for his guests to share their human experiences. His fresh, thought-provoking style fuses big ideas, with art, pop culture, politics, news, sports, and celebrity. He brings an authenticity and genuine curiosity to each and every interaction – be it on screen or on stage. In addition to his role as a broadcaster, Stroumboulopoulos is active in many social and environmental issues. 


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