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David Frum

Social & Political Commentator, Senior Editor at The Atlantic

One of the most influential political analysts of our time, David Frum brings a rational conscience into the mainstream and the often-polarized world of American politics. He helps crystallize what the current political climate will mean for your business or organization – for the good, the bad and the future. As the Senior Editor at The Atlantic, David’s commentary on social and political issues generates thought-provoking discussions throughout America and around the world.

Washington, District Of Columbia, USA


The Trump Effect: What Can Canadians Expect?
What will the presidency of Donald Trump mean for Canadian business? Washington insider David Frum will share his insights during an engaging and no-holds barred keynote address. Frum, a Canadian-American pundit is a fixture on CNN and a Senior Editor at the Atlantic. Known as one of the most influential political analysts of our time, Frum brings a Canadian conscience into the mainstream of the often polarized world of American politics.  During the recent U.S. election, Frum, a neo-conservative who wrote speeches for George W. Bush, publicly broke from party ranks and voted for Hillary Clinton. Frum will provide insider views on what happened within the Republican Party during the Trump ascendency, and he’ll offer his thoughts on what a Trump reign will mean for the world — and for Canada.

What’s Next for You? Through the Lens of a Political Insider
In this presentation, David applies his perspective as a political analyst to your industry. In these presentations he provides a lay of political landscape while offering up practical solutions for any organization or industry.

American Conservatism at the Crossroads
David was one of the first Republican insiders to warn the GOP of danger ahead in 2008. In this passionate presentation David analyzes the conservative crisis—and offers new hope for conservatives in the years to come. On issues from healthcare to terrorism, the environment to abortion, the challenge of China and the problem of childhood obesity, he offers exciting new ideas to rejuvenate conservative politics.

The Political Landscape
David has made himself known in recent years as a forceful voice for a Republican agenda more attentive to the middle class and more concerned with environmental issues, including climate change. David offers analysis and predictions for the future of US energy policy – and insight into how Canadians can gain a better hearing for their distinctive interests and values in the US policy debate.

Platform Plus

Panelist/In Conversation

  • We would have to empty to thesaurus to describe the positive outcomes of our experience with David Frum. Center of the bulls-eye, an out of the park grand slam speaker who we will certainly welcome to our annual partner conference podium again in the future. If you have a business audience and you have not had David Frum, you're missing it.

    - Collins Barrow
  • He was great … very engaging and some said they would love to have had a drink/coffee with him.

    - Sun Life Financial
  • One of the 100 top public intellectuals in America.

    - Judge Richard Posner's Survey
  • One of the leading political commentators of his generation.

    - Wall Street Journal
  • David was truly outstanding. Brilliant, candid and a real gentleman. Some of his fans joined us and a few who came wanting to dislike David. They failed. Ultimately, he won them over.

    - CIBC Wood Gundy

Summary Profile

Whether it is the latest foreign policy debate or the inner workings of the White House, David Frum offers refreshing and clear insights of complicated issues of the day. He is currently a senior editor at The Atlantic, and the author of New York Times Bestseller Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic among numerous other titles. He appears often on MSNBC, BBC, CBC, and CNN.  

As a speaker, David has the rare ability to engage audiences at a deeper level: that of their belief systems. Even if you do not agree with his views, David’s encyclopedic knowledge of hot topic issues is unmatched. Audiences appreciate his thought-provoking style and ability to boil complex subjects into digestible bites. David’s deeply researched and thoughtful talks are also laugh-out-loud funny. In his quest for the truth, David has been a long-time advocate for shaking up the polarized U.S. political system. He provides fascinating insight into what political outcomes mean for specific audiences around the world.

David served as a speechwriter and special assistant to President George W. Bush, as a senior foreign policy adviser to the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign in 2007-2008, as a director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and as chairman of the board of the United Kingdom’s leading center-right think tank, Policy Exchange.

In a 2016 essay for the The Atlantic Frum explained that he would vote for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump. In a 2017 profile, GQ magazine described Frum “first among equals” among “Never Trump” Republicans. A documentary based on Frum’s work is expected at the SXSW Festival in Austin in March 2019.  He is now at work on his tenth book, about how to renew American world leadership after Trump.

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