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Marcy Grossman

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Shaping Canada's global image on the world stage: Diplomat, Criminal Psychologist & International Business Development Expert

Criminal psychologist by training and international diplomat by design, Marcy Grossman rose from working inside the prison system through the highest ranks of Canadian diplomacy to become the ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, becoming the first Jewish woman to fill this role. Along the way, she advanced Canada’s economic, political, and public safety interests as the head of international trade in Dallas and Los Angeles, and as Consul General in Miami, Denver and Dubai. Today, she emboldens women and leaders to rise, organizations to break barriers, and nations to inch closer to global peace.

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Be Your Best Ambassador

Former Ambassador Marcy Grossman shares universal lessons that apply to all of us to becoming the best ambassadors of our own lives.

If a Jewish girl from suburban Montreal with a degree in criminal psychology can dare to be Canada’s Jewish female Ambassador to the UAE, then anything is possible.  Right?!

She brings a call to action for everyone to embrace their potential, navigate challenges with grace, and radiate positive influence in their personal and professional circles.

Just as ambassadors do in their professional lives, being your own best ambassador for yourself and your organization means:

  • Embracing a mindset that transcends the traditional confines of diplomatic roles.
  • Navigating life with intention, purpose, and authenticity.
  • Showcasing your unique strengths, fostering connections, and leaving a positive impact wherever you go.
  • Be resilient in the face of adversity

Marcy Grossman delves into the challenges, triumphs, and the full-scale diplomatic disasters that have shaped her path. She’ll explore how each of us can cultivate the qualities that will allow us to dare to be the great ambassador in our daily lives.

Why? Because being your best ambassador isn’t reserved for diplomats in fancy suits navigating international relations (and yes, the occasional cocktail party).

So, buckle up for some daring travels through the tricks, tales, and teachings from a criminally diplomatic mind. Together, let’s uncover the keys to being our best ambassadors and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Beyond Borders: A Journey Through Current Events, Diplomacy & The Human Condition

Marcy Grossman’s background in psychology forms the basis for her understanding of human behavior. Whether negotiating for a prisoner’s release, leading a team through a global pandemic, or lobbying for a United Nations Security Council vote, understanding the human condition is paramount to success.

Her journey to ambassadorship was far from conventional. It was fraught with obstacles and challenges, and she can’t wait to tell you more because these were valuable learning moments both on the national and international stage. Navigating the complex intercultural relationships you encounter as an ambassador defines your success. 

Join former Ambassador Marcy Grossman for an exclusive session on current events and international affairs. With her extensive experience and expertise in diplomacy, former Ambassador Grossman will provide a unique perspective on the pressing issues shaping the global landscape. Gain valuable insights and analysis on key topics that impact businesses around the world.

And, she’ll champion the role Canada has to play on the international stage, recognizing our cultural excellence, innovation, economic prowess, partners, and a celebration of our Canadian values.

Engage with a distinguished speaker who has dedicated her career to promoting international cooperation and understanding.

Leadership in Uncertain Times

There are times when you feel the ground is collapsing under your feet. When you have no one to depend on but yourself and no one to blame if things go wrong. When, in spite of the risks, you choose to step up and lead.

Marcy shares her strategies for overcoming the impostor syndrome, building resilience and leading in the most extreme scenarios, even under fire. From her work in prisons and evacuating Afghans during the Taliban takeover to navigating the busiest hurricane season on record and leading hundreds of diplomatic staff through a global pandemic, Marcy has accumulated enough scrapes and victories to help anyone successfully ride the scariest storms.

Changing the World is a Women's Business: The Rise of Women in Male-dominated Arenas

After a 10-year gig in the prison service, and more than two decades in diplomacy, including as Canada’s first Jewish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Marcy earned a reputation as a champion of global peace and passionate advocate for diversity and women’s advancement in traditionally male-dominated arenas.

In CHANGING THE WORLD IS A WOMAN’S BUSINESS, Marcy inspires women to exercise their right to rise, and organizations to break glass ceilings and gender barriers. She makes the case that corporations elevate their performance and nations edge inevitably closer to world peace when more women take their seats at the leadership table.


From Prison To Diplomacy: The Secrets of Manifesting Radical Career Transformations

The feeling that you were meant for something greater refuses to leave you. Yet, the path to embark on a journey of transformation seems fraught with dangers.

In FROM PRISON TO DIPLOMACY, Marcy unleashes the power of her motto, “If you can see it, you can be it”, and teaches the manifestation techniques she applied to achieve her radical career transformation from criminal psychologist to Canadian ambassador and other seemingly impossible life changes.

Audience reviews:

  • You were great. Honestly, I was tearing up. What a story. You made it to your vision. Maybe you can help me someday envision mine! If I can see it, I can be it! - Director of Economic Development & International Relations, City of Brampton
  • It was an amazing presentation and I am so glad you were able to join us. I have put a few nuggets of wisdom in my pocket, which will help me open the door of my next obstacle! - Senior Communications Advisor, City of Brampton

Speaker Biography

Former Ambassador Marcy Grossman’s exceptional leadership skills and trailblazing contributions to Canadian diplomacy have earned her worldwide respect and admiration.

Her experience ranges from overseeing the evacuation of Afghans during the Taliban takeover, to navigating the busiest hurricane season on record, to leading hundreds of staff and their families through the COVID pandemic. Her unwavering dedication to serving her country has solidified her as a visionary leader in foreign relations.

As Canada’s Jewish Female Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 2018 to 2022, she played a pivotal role in ushering in the historic Abraham Accords and forging new relationships between Israel and the Arab world. A passionate advocate for women’s empowerment in diplomacy and peacebuilding, Ambassador Grossman continues to work tirelessly to promote co-existence in the Middle East as part of the American think-tank, The Atlantic Council, earning a reputation as a champion of global peace, diplomacy and prosperity.

Today she advocates for us all to be our own best ambassador in both our personal and professional lives. Marcy Grossman delves into the challenges, triumphs, and the full-scale diplomatic disasters that have shaped her path. She’ll explore how each of us can cultivate the qualities that will allow us to dare to be the great ambassador in our daily lives.

She’s also the 2024 Board Chair for Celebrate Canada Worldwide, committed to bringing Canada to the world stage, including overseeing the largest Canada Day celebration in the world outside Canada, at Canada Day in London UK.  Marcy also holds a senior fellowship at the Atlantic Council, one of the US’s leading geopolitical think-tanks where she works on issues that empower women as peace makers in the Middle East.

In addition to her to her extraordinary experience in the UAE, Ambassador Grossman has held five prestigious postings across the United States, Canada’s foremost economic and political ally. She has been Consul General in Miami, Denver and Seattle, Deputy Consul General in Los Angeles, and Senior Trade Commissioner in Dallas, where she advanced Canada’s economic, political, academic, consular, immigration, and public safety interests.

An international business development expert, Ambassador Grossman has brokered multi-million-dollar foreign direct investment (FDI) deals across Canada, building a reputation as a master dealmaker. She was responsible for the creation of Canada’s FDI agency, “Invest in Canada” and the publication of the best-selling book “Innovation Nation”, which remains a seminal work on Canada’s technological prowess in the global economy.

An accomplished criminal psychologist by training, Ambassador Grossman began her career in the criminal justice system before embarking on a diverse and illustrious public service career in various Federal Departments, including the Treasury Board. A Canada brand expert, she currently holds the position of Chair, Celebrate Canada Worldwide, a not-for-profit dedicated to bringing Canadian talent to the world stage.

Throughout her journey, she has remained steadfast in her belief that “if you can see it, you can be it,” inspiring others to dream big and pursue their passions. With her charisma and engaging storytelling, she is a dynamic speaker who leaves audiences inspired and motivated to pursue their own dreams and make a difference in the world.