Be Your Best Ambassador with Marcy Grossman | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

Join former Ambassador Marcy Grossman as she shares the universal lessons that empower us all to become the best ambassadors of our own lives.

Why? Because being your best ambassador isn’t reserved for diplomats in fancy suits navigating international relations (and yes, the occasional cocktail party).


From navigating through turbulent times to nurturing meaningful connections, Marcy’s personal journey and perspectives will reframe your approach to team dynamics and organizational resilience.


Key highlights from this session include:

  • Leading Through The Storm — Great ambassadors distinguish themselves by their ability to lead effectively, particularly during uncertain times. They engage with their team, articulate a compelling vision, and cultivate a culture of collaboration and respect, which are crucial for success.

  • The Test of Leadership — True leaders seek guidance and coaching to improve themselves, recognizing that understanding the human condition, motivating, and negotiating with people are critical aspects of effective leadership.

  • Cultivating Leadership Excellence — Leadership development should be a strategic priority, as organizations are bound to thrive by cultivating a culture of leadership excellence, rewarding positive behaviors, and addressing negative ones.

  • Promoting Your Potential — In your career, your voice matters. Self-advocacy is the key to unlocking your full potential, ensuring your value is recognized confidently and authentically to achieve your goals.


About Marcy Grossman

Former Ambassador Marcy Grossman’s exceptional leadership skills and trailblazing contributions to Canadian diplomacy have earned her worldwide respect and admiration. 

She has overseen challenging situations, such as the evacuation of Afghans during the Taliban takeover, navigating the busiest hurricane season on record, to leading hundreds of staff and their families through the COVID pandemic. Her unwavering dedication to serving her country has solidified her as a visionary leader in foreign relations. A passionate advocate for women’s empowerment in diplomacy and peacebuilding, Ambassador Grossman continues to work tirelessly to promote co-existence in the Middle East.

An accomplished criminal psychologist by training, Ambassador Grossman began her career in the criminal justice system before embarking on a diverse and illustrious public service career in various Federal Departments, including the Treasury Board. In her current role as the 2024 Board Chair for Celebrate Canada Worldwide, Ambassador Grossman is committed to promoting Canada on the world stage. She also holds a senior fellowship at the Atlantic Council, one of the US’s leading geopolitical think-tanks where she works on issues that empower women as peace makers in the Middle East. 

For more details on her keynotes and workshops, view Marcy’s profile.



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