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Connie Dieken

Senior Executive Coach, Bestselling Author on Business Leadership & Influence

Connie Dieken is an executive coach and advisor to many leaders who run the world’s most recognizable brands. Her experience includes over 20 years in TV, where she received numerous awards as an anchorwoman, news reporter and co-host of America’s longest running television talk show. In that role she met with highly successful business and entertainment leaders and recognized the opportunity to share this information with audiences as a form of leadership training. Connie is also the author and co-author of five books, dedicated to teaching individuals influential leadership, communication and presentation techniques.

Avon Lake, Ohio, USA


Solving Your Presence Problem: How to Build Your Personal Brand, Establish Trust and Gain Lasting Influence Whether your audience members want to move a team to action or elevate their own careers, they need presence. But what is presence? Now more than ever, people are quick to judge, resist and dismiss. During this highly interactive keynote, Connie pinpoints the three most crucial presence problems that undermine person power – and guides each person to identify and solve their issues to transform into the powerfully influential leader they’re meant to be. Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen Is your audience frustrated by distracted, impatient people tuning them out? Are they having trouble getting their points across in today’s time-pressed, noisy world? In this keynote, they’ll learn how to elevate their relationships forever. They’ll walk away ready to implement three powerful habits that will transform the true metric of influence – the way others respond to them. And it will never be more positive after this program. Present To Win: Develop & Deliver Ideas that Influence Your audience will never approach or deliver a presentation the same way after experiencing this program. This keynote hones in on the outcome of presenting: how to influence positive decision-making. From this point forward, your attendees will place their own audiences at the center of everything they do. Connie models her strategies from the stage, so your audience gets a double dip as they discover her wildly successful approach that Fortune 100 teams have adopted as their winning presentation model. Employee Engagement Employees don’t stay with companies like they used to. Recruiting and retaining top talent is now the most challenging issue in human resources. And while some forms of brain drain are unavoidable, there are ways to mitigate losses and maximize employee retention through sound methods to improve employee engagement. Connie focuses her talk on work environments and behaviors that lead to dissatisfaction and teaches basic methods to identify the signs of impending disengagement. She gives ideas on communication and leadership initiatives that increase engagement, improve loyalty among teams. Change Change is hard, and it’s not something people or companies revel in. And regardless of the impetus for change, whether it’s strategic, operational or technological, effective communication and management tends to be the primary bottleneck to any successful change management plan. Connie shines light on the typical and specific roadblocks to managing change successfully, from effective communication techniques to a successful implementation to dealing successfully with resistant attitudes and behaviors to successful leadership techniques to manage or integrate teams, or strategies to align expectations.


Global Guru | Worlds Top 30 Coaching Professionals

  • I would highly recommend onPoint Communication for anyone interested in improving their business speaking or presentation skills. Connie is amazing in her personal approach and individually tailored each presentation to my specific industry.

    - Director of Sales, Apple
  • Your advice is spot-on. We’re making faster connections, communicating with better candor and eliminating miscommunications.

    - Diebold
  • Your strategies are both original and practical. Our sales and marketing teams have gotten powerful results.

    - Moen Inc.

Summary Profile

Connie Dieken is the author of the bestsellers Talk Less, Say More and Become the Real Deal. A former broadcast journalist, she delivers her thought leadership on developing executive presence and building influence. Connie draws on two unique experiences to help people build their personal presence and lasting influence. She combines the keen instincts of an experienced journalist, skilled at drilling to the core of issues, with the astute insights of an executive coach to global CEOs. She spent twenty years as a television journalist with ABC and NBC, earning five Emmy awards, two Telly awards, and induction into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. In 2000, she founded the Dieken Group, a global coaching and consultancy firm focused on helping leaders build a culture of influential decision-making. She advises leaders at organizations such as Nestlé, Deloitte, HP, eBay, Apple, Bausch + Lomb, McDonalds, The Cleveland Clinic and American Greetings. An intuitively interactive, dynamic speaker, Connie is a guest lecturer on the power of influence and presence at Case Western University, Indiana University and Ohio State University. She also delivers powerful keynotes to corporate and conference audiences around the world.  Frequently the highest rated speaker on conference agendas, Connie delivers solid takeaways that transform careers, which, in turn, improve the performance of entire organizations. Connie’s thought leadership has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, The Los Angeles Time, Crain’s Business, The Chicago Tribune, Women’s Day, Men’s Health, The Huffington Post and many other publications worldwide. She is most grateful, however, to provide leadership to her remarkable son and daughter who influence Connie’s worldview everyday.