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Connie Dieken

Executive Coach & Leadership Advisor

Connie Dieken is the founder of Influence360˚ and The Dieken Group, a strategic advisory firm to C-suite executives on five continents. She helps leaders influence positive outcomes in all directions, even under the most difficult, changing conditions. 

Avon Lake, Ohio, USA


When you book Connie Dieken, you aren’t getting someone who jumps on stage with a pre-canned speech. Connie gets to know your organization, your people, and your challenges and builds a program that meets your specific needs.

Influence 360: How to Change Minds and Outcomes for Positive Results that Last
This is a talk on influence that’s unlike any other. It’s not about how to get what you want by manipulating others. It’s not about shallow, sneaky, short-term persuasion tactics that can blow up in your face and ruin relationships. Instead, this talk reveals a higher state that anyone can use to make their greatest contributions to the world: the state of Influence 360. When you reach this level of influence, you have the ability to change minds, behavior, and outcomes for lasting results. You earn commitment, not mere compliance. People trust your judgment, respect your opinion, and seek you out for help on important decisions. This talk is based on a study, called Influence 360, where Connie uncovered the three habits of Very Influential People (VIPs)—a pattern that has the ability to change people’s lives both at work and at home.

Leading in the Spotlight: What Every Senior Executive Must Know to Thrive as a High-Profile Leader
Senior leaders are under a new type of pressure. It’s not good enough to just lead, you must be principled. Leaders have to be aware of how their every word and move are scrutinized. Until recently, most leaders had time to think about how their actions might influence employees and the marketplace. Their comments could be thoroughly vetted prior to release. But that buffer is gone. Breathing space has vanished in the spotlight’s glare.

What a leader does—or doesn’t do—is easily magnified and misinterpreted. Everything hangs in the balance: the valuation of the organization, the dynamics with the board of directors, people’s jobs, the ability to recruit and retain top talent, customer relationships, and the public’s perception—not to mention the leader’s legacy. All senior leaders are now thrust into the spotlight, whether they want to be or not. A spotlight leader needs distinct skills not taught in business schools—skills that are every bit as important as any technical knowledge that a leader brings to their role.

Present to Win: How to Create Influential Presentations that Change Minds and Outcomes
It’s time to stop delivering ineffective presentations. They are your platform to influence. A presentation is a concentrated form of influence. Yet 95% of people in organizations who give them squander their opportunities. They doom themselves to failure, in fact, before they’ve even delivered word-one. Why? They’re so busy building bloated slide decks that they lose sight of the reason why they’re presenting in the first place. Simply put, your job is to influence an audience to take action on a specific outcome. Any message, whether visual, words, or spoken that disrupt this flow is a barrier to own ability to influence your desired outcome and change minds. Learn how to influence audiences with integrity using reverse-engineering, critical thinking skills, and empathy.


Global Guru | Worlds Top 30 Coaching Professionals

  • I would highly recommend onPoint Communication for anyone interested in improving their business speaking or presentation skills. Connie is amazing in her personal approach and individually tailored each presentation to my specific industry.

    - Director of Sales, Apple
  • Your advice is spot-on. We’re making faster connections, communicating with better candor and eliminating miscommunications.

    - Diebold
  • Your strategies are both original and practical. Our sales and marketing teams have gotten powerful results.

    - Moen Inc.

Summary Profile

An interactive and dynamic speaker, Connie delivers powerful keynote speeches at major conferences around the world. She’s also a guest lecturer for executive education and MBA programs in business schools such as Case Western University, Clemson University, Indiana University, and The Ohio State University. She offers solid, actionable takeaways that transform careers.
Connie built her unique skill set during twenty years as a television journalist for ABC and NBC. Her work has been honored with five Emmy Awards and two Telly Awards, and she’s the only person inducted into both the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the Speakers Hall of Fame, as well as the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame.
As a broadcaster, Connie interviewed some of the most influential people in the world and became fascinated with how they gained or lost their abilities to lead in challenging times. She identified patterns that existed, regardless of industry, gender, age, or other socio-cultural conditions.

So she left broadcasting, launched her business, and began a research project on leadership influence. After 15 years of rigorous research involving more than 20,000 participants, Connie created Influence360˚, the first and only validated influence instrument to help leaders become strong influencers whom others trust and respect, which in turn improves the performance of their organizations.

Connie’s thought leadership has been featured in interviews in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, CNBC and other leading business publications.

In addition to advising the C-suite of major corporations, her training programs on influence, presence, and presentation skills are licensed worldwide in corporate universities for emerging leaders.