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Darcy Rezac

Engaged Leadership Expert

Darcy Rezac is a world-renowned networking expert who speaks on engaged leadership, the power of networks, positive networking® and positive engagement®. He is author of the best-selling book WORK THE POND! (Prentice Hall, USA), and is a management consultant with more than two decades as managing director of one of the most dynamic business organizations in North America.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Cracking The Connectedness Code: E=NC² Darcy Rezac shares his secrets of Cracking The Connectedness Code: E=NC², how you can engage others more effectively and network, find more opportunities to connect, develop high-trust relationships that stand the test of time and extend the reach of your network. Darcy also shares how to benchmark your present level of connectedness and subsequent success after ‘cracking the code’ with his Engaged Leadership Matrix® measurement tool. The bonus of Cracking The Connectedness Code: E=NC² is that these skills can be used in business and everyday life as well. Darcy integrates the product of our network, connectorship (aka positive networking) skills and leadership skills to create the engaged leadership matrix—E=NC². POSITIVELY ENGAGED LEADERSHIP™ Darcy Rezac addresses the new reality: In today’s economy a broader concept of leadership is required in order to achieve success in business and life—Positively Engaged Leadership. The ability to lead, connect and bridge silos (Positive Engagement®) both within the enterprise, and with stakeholders in the broader community, has never been greater for leaders. Darcy shares his trademarked engaged leadership matrix, a capacity model for building and maintaining an effective network for the benefit of the enterprise, community and the individual.  Trust and rapport—so necessary for business success—requires face-to-face engagement. This session tells you how to maximize engagement at all levels. THE POWER OF POSITIVE NETWORKING® Learn Darcy Rezac’s trademarked secrets of positive networking—networking done right. His concept of networking has been called “the world’s best definition”. Darcy speaks passionately on what it is, what it isn’t, and what works. He draws upon decades of experience in the networking arena and on the new science of networks and wellbeing. While everyone knows personal networking is important, most people just don’t like doing it.  Learn how to get over networking nervosus and the techniques and strategies to build a diverse and durable network for work and life.  This session transforms the way attendees feel about networking and its value in both work and life. HOW TO BUILD YOUR NETWORK Most people don’t really think much about their network. Do they know how many people are in their network?  Have they looked at the quality of those alliances and how to improve them? Do they know who the connectors are? Better yet, are they connectors? Do they have a plan to build their operational network and their strategic network? Things work better when people within an organization have large and supportive operational networks. More innovation happens and people are happier. When employees build a network outside the organization they become brand ambassadors and access new relationships, referrals and new knowledge. Let Darcy Rezac gives your employees the skills, and tools (including social media) to build durable and meaningful networks.

  • I knew once you started playing the Phantom of the Opera music that we were going to have some fun. You bridged concepts of all types and from many sources (science, philosophy, psychology) right into the world of work.

    - Concordia University
  • Awesome and impressively powerful

    - Alpha Technologies Ltd, Burnaby, BC
  • Average overall rating of 9.62 out of 10...Darcy Rezac defines the qualities that we look for when delivering quality educational programming.

    - American Chamber of Commerce Executives Annual Meeting - Orlando, Florida
  • I went with the intention of rejuvenation and inspiration and, of course, left ready and rarin' to go. I found your presentation incredibly affirming of the work I'm doing in cultivating cultures of engagement and mega collaboration!

    - PONO Consultants International
  • Amazing! Great Stuff!

    - Accenture Vancouver
  • Useful presentation at any level of an organization. Read the book!

    - PCL Constructors Canada
  • The importance of networking is nothing new, but in Work the Pond! Rezac takes it to another level.

    - Financial Post

Summary Profile

Darcy Rezac is an international lecturer, storyteller and author of the bestseller, Work the Pond! Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life (Prentice Hall, USA), which he wrote with Judy Thomson and Gayle Hallgren-Rezac. Called ‘the connector’s handbook’ by Town & Country magazine this book has also been has been published in Canada, Russia, Korea and China. Darcy teaches a unique brand of engagement and connecting called positive networking®. It has been called the ‘world’s best definition of networking’ by author, and former Apple fellow, Guy Kawasaki. Darcy’s trademarked seven-step process has taught thousands how to overcome their fear of networking to find more success both in work and life. “Darcy Rezac…claims he invented networking. He didn’t–he just perfected it.” -Peter C. Newman, Titans. “Darcy opens up the world of networking in an understandable, entertaining and compelling way.” Tom Donohue, President and CEO, The US Chamber of Commerce. Acknowledged internationally as a networking expert by the World Economic Forum and others, Darcy served 24 years as managing director of The Vancouver Board of Trade, a major international business association, which achieved a worldwide reputation for networking and member engagement under his stewardship. There, and in his previous job as a federal assistant deputy minister, Darcy played a lead role in establishing: Vancouver International Airport (YVR) as an independent airport authority, Canada’s International Maritime Centre, BC’s International Financial Centre, the Canada Line, and the NEXUS lane at the border. Darcy also held executive positions with Alcan, Employment and Immigration Canada, General Motors and as a captain in the Canadian Army. Darcy has a BSc from McGill and a MBA from the John Molson School of Business. He is managing director emeritus of The Vancouver Board of Trade and was commissioned an honorary captain in the Royal Canadian Navy. He is a fellow of Royal Roads University and was an ambassador for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. He is a member of the Davos Circle, World Economic Forum. He serves or has served on a number of corporate and association boards and as a guest lecturer to many universities. His client list exceeds one hundred Fortune 500 and other companies, associations, and government agencies worldwide.