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Dominick Gauthier

Olympic Ski Coach & Performance Expert

Dominick competed at the 1998 Nagano Olympics in the sport of Mogul Skiing, just two weeks after undergoing a major knee operation. Ranked second in the world at that time, it was a devastating situation where his life-long dream to win a medal vanished in front of him.  With the medical team giving him almost no hope of competing, he set his mind to skiing at the Olympics even if it was on one leg.  In the most extraordinary circumstances, Dominick met his goal but soon set a new objective to help others win Olympic medals. Over his ten year coaching career in Canada and Japan,  Dominick achieved great success by redefining the athlete preparation model and in-turn producing three Olympic medals: Jennifer Heil (2006 & 2010) and Alexandre Bilodeau (2010).

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Flexible with Rigid Coaching Principles
After four Olympics as an athlete and a coach, Gauthier learned how a leader needs to adapt to the different groups he works with. There are as many ways of leading as there are people to lead. Throughout each of Gauthier’s very different Olympic experiences you will see how he was able to make different teams and individuals maximize their potential and win the Olympics.

Do Not Fight the Culture, Use It!
Being the first foreigner to be officially named Olympic coach by the Japanese Olympic committee Gauthier developed skills to deal with different cultures. During that time he was also the head coach of Denmark while coaching Jenn Heil and Alexandre Bilodeau at the same time. It was not without challenges but eventually Gauthier was able to gain the trust from everyone and even helped the Ski Association of Japan to change the way they were building champions. Through his many stories the average person will be able to relate and apply this knowledge in order to overcome challenges in their own life.

  • Dominick’s presentation was simply inspiring! To see how an athlete can become the best in his or her discipline with the right combination of perseverance, dedication and focus along with proper guidance and coaching. Dominick’s approach to developing and encouraging athletes to be the very best they can be was compelling. He made it easy to understand how the same principals can apply to any type of business!

    - President, Investia Financial Services Inc.

Summary Profile

Dominick is co-founder of B2ten, a privately funded organization that supports Olympic athletes to attain their full potential and seeks to positively impact the Canadian sport system.

His approach to building a champion applies to the business world. Built around the principle of having no regrets Dominick helps to align one’s belief with their talent.

Over the years Dominick has worked across media channels including radio, print and television. Dominick is now one of the key commentators on the Radio-Canada Olympic broadcast team. He brings passion and deep expertise to his media work. His views and opinions are credible because he understands what it takes to win.  

This media experience makes for a very animated and emotional presentation. Irrespective of the chosen angle, Dominick’s approach is to make sure everyone in the room can reflect on their own purpose with tangible and useful takeaways on how to achieve it.

In addition to his sport and media work he is also an entrepreneur. Dominick is a partner and investor in SoapBox, a software company that facilitates the vertical collaboration across organizations.  SoapBox has numerous top clients including BMO, Kijiji, and Indigo.

Being an athlete, coach, manager, fundraiser, entrepreneur, media personality and creative thinker, Dominick brings many different angles to his presentation and tailors it to the client’s objectives.