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Steven Kerzner aka Ed the Sock

Canadian TV icon, Commentator & Reluctant Legend

Steven Kerzner is the force behind the hilariously opinionated Canadian TV icon Ed the Sock. An award-winning producer, writer and performer, Steven was also an architect of Muchmusic’s most successful years and was listed as one of the Globe & Mail’s 40 Most Influential People in Canadian Media. An insider and a rabble-rouser, Steven’s backstage tales of ‘dirty laundry’ – being Ed the Sock, working with celebrities and the rise and fall of Muchmusic – are equal parts humourous and compelling.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Dirty Laundry
Ed the Sock’s rag-to-riches tale – the backstage stories of how a sock puppet went from a cable TV oddity to an international celebrity. How did celebrities like talking to a sock puppet – and which ones really didn’t? What behind-the-scenes battles were waged to give Ed his freedom of speech? Why did the media go from hating Ed the Sock to embracing him? What were the VJs really like? How did Fromage come to be? What led to the rise and fall of MuchMusic? Steven Kerzner gives the unvarnished backstory on the making of a Canadian icon and the celebrities, TV executives, politicians, PR flacks and performers who loved and hated him.

Toxic workplaces
How to spot them; how management creates them and can repair them; challenges for employees who want to address the abuse; how ‘star’ employees can be used for good and not evil; how humour can neutralize negativity and keep teams motivated under bad management.

How to Speak up Without Getting Kicked Out
Personal strategies for speaking your mind in a way that makes you a valued employee rather than a liability.

Break the Yardstick
How to build success by creating products that were judged on their own merits, not by comparison to other products in the same category.

The Magic of Chaos
How Citytv & MuchMusic created a structure that encouraged boundless creativity without resulting in workplace anarchy.

Platform Plus


Have Ed the Sock host your next event bringing his hilarious personality & great pop culture stories.

  • Steven (and Ed)...was helpful, witty, creative, and hilarious! He skillfully adapted his performance to suit the needs and tastes of our audience with seeming ease and has mastered the art of managing to be edgy without being offensive!

    - Tomchei Shabbos Charity of Toronto
  • Creatively, his material and his delivery were an A+. Steven's Ed the Sock presentation was not only funny and witty; it was thoroughly appropriate to the occasion.

    - Founder, Your Life Productions
  • The Military personnel raved about meeting you.

    - Toronto Military Family Resource Centre

Summary Profile

Steven Kerzner is an award-winning TV producer, writer and performer whose work has made an indelible impact on Canadian television. Best known as the creative force behind Canadian TV icon Ed the Sock and an architect of Muchmusic’s most successful years, Steven has long been a trailblazer in Canadian media. In the course of his career, Ed the Sock has worked with top celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Denzel Washington and Willie Nelson and been behind the scenes at star-studded events like the MTV Awards, Muchmusic Video Awards and Juno Awards. Steven began his career at the age of 14, volunteering at a Toronto cable-access channel. At 18, Steven was named director of programming at the channel and quickly rose to prominence and influence across the entire cable industry. It was here that Steven debuted Ed the Sock and Ed’s Night Party, which quickly became a phenomenon. Next came CityTV, where Ed’s Night Party ran for 14 years across Canada and in worldwide syndication, beating Leno and Letterman in head-to-head ratings competition. In his 10 years at Muchmusic, Steven expanded music TV from a shallow flashy showcase for selling CDs to a medium for media literacy. Through Ed the Sock’s unique interviews with celebrities, the hilarious de-construction of video culture on Fromage, the issue-oriented EDitorials and the award-nominated Smartass documentaries, Steven created a counter-culture resistance to the excesses of pop commercialism. Steven was a producer and lead writer on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight in its final season, producing two daily broadcasts until the series’ end in April 2014. Steven is also the creator of the Gemini Award-winning comedy series The Buzz and his work has garnered numerous other critical notices and awards from TV and cable industry associations, magazines, radio and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. The Globe & Mail included Steven on its list of the ’40 Most Influential People in Canadian TV’. On radio, Steven hosted a weekly current affairs program on Toronto’s Talk640Am and a similar program on Newstalk 1010 alongside his wife Liana, where his past experience as a political candidate and organizer added depth to the discussions. Steven continues to produce and develop TV and radio projects for multiple networks and is currently creating a bold internet initiative with the revolutionary character expected of Steven’s work. Steven and his wife Liana, herself an award-winning TV producer, writer & performer and feminist media journalist, live in north Toronto with a brood of cats & dogs and a superhero toy & art collection that’s been featured by the national media.