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Mildred Muhammad

Domestic Violence Survivor, Advocate

Mildred Muhammad is a domestic violence survivor with a story to tell the world.  It is not just “a” story – it is “one of the many” stories built on the experiences of domestic violence and the depths of its terror. After her children were kidnapped and her inability to go on living without them, she began the silent struggle of looking for them, knowing that if she exposed herself, John Allen Muhammad would locate her and kill her.  She was triumphant in her struggle to get through those 18 months of not knowing where her children were and re-gained full custody of them.  She fled from her estranged husband and moved to Maryland with the children.  She was frightened during the horrific sniper shootings, sat through court proceedings during the trial, and last but not least, began re-gaining her strength to start a non-profit organization, After The Trauma, to assist survivors of domestic violence.

Clinton, Maryland, USA


Strengthening, Healing and Empowering Ourselves After Trauma The Hidden Scars of Domestic Violence

Summary Profile

Mildred has become an International Spokesperson for domestic violence, telling her story for audiences. She speaks to victims/survivors of domestic violence, law enforcements, advocates, judges, therapist, counselors, military facilities, medical professionals and at various universities.  She is an advocate and accompanies victims & survivors to court.  She is a consultant with the Office for Victims of Crime and is a board member of different domestic violence organizations. She has been told her story on various broadcast televisions interviews in addition to syndicated radio shows, newspapers, internet blogs and magazines. Her book, ‘Scared Silent’, was released October 2009.  The reviews have been very favorable and supportive.  Many have identified with her story and have expressed gratitude to her for sharing her personal story. She has also written a working journal, ‘A Survivor’s Journal’ specifically for victims and survivors to help with those anxieties that others may not understand which is available on the organization’s website.  The responses regarding the journal from others in the field have been spoken to the fact that this journal is unique in its own right and has the potential of unlocking the emotions victims/survivor carry around for so long.  It is a great journal to have to tap into those emotions.