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Tewanee Joseph

Aboriginal Relations & Communications Specialist

Tewanee Joseph is the Chief Executive Officer of Tewanee Consulting Group, a First Nations owned and operated company focused on delivering meaningful partnerships, communications strategies and planning, and training in communications and inclusivity. He is a member of the Squamish First Nation and is half Maori. Tewanee served eight years on the Squamish Nation Council and has a talent for facilitation and coordinating diverse groups to identify and achieve their goals. He has utilized his skills to work on a broad range of initiatives including First Nations federal legislation, First Nations Land Management, Strategic Communications and Governance.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Collaboration and Cooperation
Tewanee draws on his experience establishing collaborative partnerships for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games to show how this approach can help organizations reach new levels of success.

Platform Plus

  • On behalf of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, I would like to thank you for your participation as our keynote speaker at this year's 2010 Discrimination Prevention Forum. The Forum is an avenue for a wide range of human rights stakeholders to indentify emerging issues of discrimination in the workplace and share lessons learned and best practices. Your remarks were a valuable contribution to the Forum's success and participants appreciated your willingness to share your views and experiences openly with them.

    - Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Tewanee Joseph has worked hard in the areas of public relations, communication and strategic planning. He believes strongly in community consensus building and has worked effectively with the private sector and all levels of government

    - Former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell
  • By working with the Four Host First Nations and Tewanee, we exceeded our expectations: Aboriginal participation became one of the defining and most celebrated elements of the 2010 Winter Games; a difference maker. Through his work, Tewanee has made a major difference for this country and for the Indigenous Peoples of this country.


Summary Profile

Previously, Tewanee served as the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Four Host First Nations Secretariat for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Tewanee has worked with the Organizing Committee and its partners to ensure unprecedented Aboriginal participation in the planning, hosting and staging of the 2010 Games.  In this role, he spearheaded the largest re-brand of Aboriginal people in Canadian history, and led the team that overcame countless obstacles and doubt to create a world renowned brand, and a new model for inclusivity.

This project resulted in $200 Million dollars of spending, contracting and investment, 4,000 jobs, over 10,000 earned media stories, and the largest inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in an Olympic Opening Ceremonies ever; viewed by approximately 3.5 billion people.

Mr. Joseph negotiated the first partnership agreement between Indigenous peoples, the International Olympic Committee and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC).  Also, breaking new ground, he negotiated the first Olympic retail licensing agreement to recognize Indigenous artwork as part of an Olympic retail merchandising program.  No stranger to challenges, Mr. Joseph began his journey by facilitating the Four Host First Nations Protocol Agreement followed by countless Games related partnership agreements that include; the Assembly of First Nations, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the Métis National Council as well as First Nation Groups from every region in Canada.

Tewanee has been fortunate to work with leaders such as Chief Joe Mathias, Chief Gibby Jacob,  Dan Doyle, Executive Vice President for VANOC, David Atkins, Executive producer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Games and many more, including the leadership of the Four Host First Nations.  His goal is to carry on these teachings and share best practices long into the future.

Tewanee is a Board Member on the Nike N7 board, and is the President of the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business (ICAB) Board of Directors.