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Yossi Ghinsberg

Explorer, Survivor & Visionary Entrepreneur

Yossi Ghinsberg’s business adventures include: a tech entrepreneur in the heart of Silicon Valley, VP of a groundbreaking medical corporation and the visionary behind Chalalan the most celebrated eco-resort in the Bolivian Amazon. A world explorer and epic storyteller, he is a graduate of philosophy and business administration from Tel Aviv University.

Tel Aviv, Israel


Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business
Yossi speaks globally, bringing his Amazon survival skills to organizations looking to inspire and motivate their people to achieve greater success despite unrelenting change, adversity or unfavourable conditions. Challenging old stagnant paradigms, Yossi’s unique insights on natural survival are counterintuitive and thought-provoking. He challenges the Darwinistic principles of survival and their business relevance, shedding new light on competition, advantage and niche market domination. Yossi’s ‘Amazon Survival Skills for Business’ is a mesmerizing storytelling session that keeps audiences riveted to the edge of their seats. This total absorption facilitates a deep learning experience. Yossi expands horizons, opens new dimensions and facilitates new possibilities

  • From the moment we made contact, we were impressed by his energy, creativity, and commitment to our objectives. He worked closely with the team developing the content for the meeting and tailored his message to fit perfectly with our corporate objectives. He is a phenomenal storyteller. His experience and his ability to enthrall an audience is unparalleled. During his talk, you could hear a pin drop – the audience was hanging on his every word. He talks from the heart and does not present a pre-packaged or canned message. He told his own story, but included so many life and professional lessons that our team was talking about the speech for days during and after the event. 

    - Founding Partner of Deckers Outdoor Corporation
  • You gave everything and more than I could have hoped for in your speech, your demeanor and in graciousness. Many people have commented to me how moved they were by your amazing story, by your honesty, humility and the courage you showed us by sharing the impact your journey had on you as a human being.

    - VP, Strategic Business Development of CI Investments
  • Many of our attendees commented that they enjoyed your presentation very much ... you had many sitting on the edge of their seats. Some told me they felt they were with you in the jungle as you told your story.

    - Manulife Financial
  • Everyone who participated in the evening had nothing but glowing references and felt an enormous sense of exhilaration in recounting Yossi's story. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other companies thinking of using him in a similar situation.

    - Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceuticals
  • It was a pleasure meeting you and I am absolutely awed and deeply inspired by your story. I am greatly inspired by your advice on adversity and having the choice to become a victim. I must tell you how much you inspired them all. Now they all want to read your books and see the film.

    - Young Presidents Organization

Summary Profile

As a speaker Yossi insists on a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal. Whenever he is invited to speak, he asks his clients to volunteer him to the community for any worthy cause. From India, to Switzerland, San Salvador, or Israel Yossi speaks to youth, to elderly, to children with special needs, to schools. Yossi’s clients include some of the world’s leading companies and organizations, such as Citibank and Singularity University. He shared the stage with world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Nassim Taleb, Wayne Dyer and many other luminaries.

A true Earthling, Yossi travels the planet for business, community work and personal explorations. He is a cross-pollinator of paradigm shifting ideas, his keynotes inspire and transform the world’s leading corporations and organizations. Yossi is a multi-faceted person with accomplishments in diverse spheres.

An international businessman, a best-selling author, a daring adventurer. Yossi is the founder and architect of several innovative creative projects such as the acclaimed Ecolodge, Chalalan. Blinq, a social mobile application he has developed between Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Silicon Valley. Yossi is an active spokesman for Indigenous people and the defence of the Amazon jungle. He is an ambassador for Shalva.org for children with special needs and as a speaker he always volunteers for the community.

Yossi’s book ‘Jungle,’ is published in over 20 languages and distributed worldwide with millions of copies sold. It is critically reviewed and acclaimed by the LA Times, The Washington Post, CNN and may others.
The book’s adaptation was one of the core episodes for a Discovery Channel acclaimed series “I shouldn’t Be Alive”. And in April 2017 a motion picture based on ‘Jungle’ premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Yossi.

His passion for meeting cultures living off the grid, drove him to the Beduins deserts of Sinai where he lived for three years. He visited the Sahara seven times and counting. He was the first visitor to arrive in the remote Carteret Group Island of the shores of Papua New Guinea and was adopted by the community, these islands, tragically have succumbed now to rising sea level and disappeared. He was the first visitor to arrive in the remote Catret Group Island where he celebrated with his fiance the millennium New Year’s Eve. These disappearing islands. The people of these 6 small paradise islands were the happiest and most hospitable people he ever met. Few years later these islands succumbed to the rising sea level and disappeared and the entire population move to the big island Buka.

In 2016 Yossi initiated a new tradition, once a year Yossi takes on a group of travelers on a real life changing adventure. The first expedition in Bolivia started at the high Andes descending to the Amazon on a rarely traveled dirt road. Followed by days in Canoes and rafts through the Amazon up the Madidi valley where Chalalan the resort Yossi has built with the Uchupiamonas in 1995.