2016 NSBest Speaker Profile | Bobby Umar

Our annual National Speakers Bureau’s Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) is right around the corner. This year for the first time, we’re hosting events at three locations across Canada: Calgary (Sept. 9), Vancouver (Sept. 13), and Toronto (Sept. 27). Canada-IconOur 2016 theme is ‘Canada 150’, a topical theme for the upcoming year with event professionals looking for thought-leadership on their upcoming events. We will be focusing on the state of our nation at this important milestone. What makes Canada so unique?  What are the strong points? The places in need of improvement? What’s your outlook for what our Canadian future has in store? Bobby-Umar-HiRes3Today, our featured speaker is Executive Leadership Coach & Authority on Personal Branding Bobby Umar. Bobby will be hosting our Vancouver event and delivering a keynote at our Toronto event. One of Inc. Magazine‘s Top 100 Leadership speakers, a champion of authentic connection and heart-based leadership, Bobby brings an engaging presence, endless exuberance and dynamic people skills to his presentations. With a background in brand marketing, engineering, and the performing arts, Bobby draws on his diverse 20-year career to lead Raeallan, whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership. In this blog, Bobby shares his thoughts on Canada 150:   NSB-Divider

What are you like on-stage during your presentations?

On stage, I’m a dynamic and diverse speaker. I really cater to my audience because I want to know who my audience is and what’s going to work for them. So sometimes, I’m a hilarious, fun, energizer bunny. Sometimes I’m more deep, thoughtful, reflective, I talk about vulnerability, I share my personal stories. Really, it’s all about understanding who my audience is and how I want to work with them. On stage, I can do pretty much any type of presentation. In fact, someone once told me, “…you know Bobby, you’re the type of person who can talk about anything, to anyone in any type of way.”

What does Canada mean to you?

Canada, to me, is the land of diversity. It is a cultural mosaic. It especially aligns with my values having grown up here. For me, us Canadians are very thoughtful, we’re caring, we’re explorers, we’re grounded, we’re authentic. That’s the biggest pride I have with Canada and what it represents.

What a changing Canada mean for the work you do?

When I think about the change in Canada, I think about the digital revolution. I think about the change in innovation and people moving more towards entrepreneurship. I think about how Canada is a main player on the international stage, particularly because of the digital revolution. The thing is, we now have a voice on the global stage. How we present that will be so important. So for me, the key takeaway is that connection. Authentic connection. Relationships are going to be so important, more than ever, in terms of making an impact, clearing through the clutter and really making a difference for people.

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  NSB-Divider You can catch Bobby at NSBest Vancouver on September 13th and NSBest Toronto on September 27th.

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