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Today, our featured speaker is Marketing Expert & Pioneer of Valuegraphics David Allison. David’s research has led to a discovery that will change the way you work and think about the world. Data from 40,000 surveys proves that demographics are dead, and shared values, or ‘Valuegraphics’, are a far more powerful way to motivate target markets. David shows us how to activate people in a constantly changing world. He helps organizations replace guesswork with research and science, transforming disruptive change into welcome opportunity.

Here’s a sneak peek at the insights David brings to his talks:


David’s Valuegraphics Teaser:


We asked David: 

What are you like on stage during your presentations?

The word I hear the most is PASSIONATE. I am an ENERGIZING speaker. I really hope that I can be INSPIRING because this tool we’ve discovered, this Valuegraphics research, is an opportunity to change everything about every industry for the better. That doesn’t come along very often. It’s not often in a lifetime or a career where you get to do something that is this important. Sure, I’ll live up to the passionate word, I know I’m going to be energizing, but I want to inspire. I want people to leave feeling they’ve got some new ammunition to go away and be passionate about their own careers and own lives and the things that they have to face over the course of a day.

What makes you unique?

The best way to tell you what makes me unique is to talk about this research. This amazing thing we’ve discovered that’s never been used before. It’s never been found before.

Here’s the best way to think about it: We all know what demographics are. It’s all about how you explain an audience. Psychographics – another term we’ve all heard before – are what an audience does.

What we’ve discovered is called Valuegraphics. For the first time in the history of marketing, we understand what people value. We can use that in how to segment people. Now I’m not the first person to speak about values-based-marketing/messaging/branding and all those terms we use. But this is the first database of 40,000 people that we can use as a segmenting tool for all types of brands, products, services and any industry you care to talk about. When we started to crunch the mass of data (up to 350 questions per respondent!) we had this profound moment of realization that we might have to rewrite the marketing textbooks.

It’s the very first time we’ve been able to take all of these very great theories around what values make us human and turn it into something that we can use in a meaningful way. In many ways, I think Valuegraphics is the most exciting things that have happened to the marketing world in decades. It’s perhaps the best way to think about what makes me unique.

What Audiences Are Saying:

“David is a captivating and entertaining business speaker. His delivery of information and visual presentation engages our event attendees. We receive plenty of positive feedback. He has his own following, our last event with David was a sell-out, one of the largest responses we have ever had!”
– Director, Professional Development | Urban Development Institute


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