Canada 150 | Speakers on National Pride

From a patchwork of colonial lands, emerged a nation prosperous, proud, strong and free. July 1, 2017 marks 150 years since the Fathers of Confederation finalized the union of provinces giving birth to the Dominion of Canada. In the months leading up to the historic day, the country will reflect on the events and experiences that reflect and define Canada’s history and identity. Throughout 2016-17, we will be featuring some of our powerful speakers who deliver presentations specific to Canadian identities. Individuals who help to not only define us as a country, but re-inspire that sense of national pride. NSB-Divider

Humanitarian & Social Change:


Hon. Roméo Dallaire | International Champion of Human Rights, Award-Winning Author and Leader

In addition to his work advocating for Veteran’s affairs and opening up about his struggles with PTSD, Lt. Gen Dallaire was highly critical of the government’s initial “un-Canadian response” to refugees. He called for Canada to take in upwards of 70,000 Syrian migrants while asserting the need for Canada to deploy forces to the region under the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine.
“I don’t see how we can continue to simply let this conflict continue to fester and create more and more casualties. There’s a hypocrisy in regards to human rights and treating all humans as equal when you’re letting this campaign continue.” -Hon. Roméo Dallaire
Lt. Gen Dallaire speaks to Canada’s role in global affairs, something we’ve all taken a renewed interest in with the change in our federal government. He argues Canadians must decide which path to take in the future concerning our place on the international stage. It is a matter of the state of mind of Canadians and how we situate ourselves in this complex era. As Canadians, if we practice what we preach, we must value each life as equally important whether Canadian or not.   Wab-Kinew-HiRes5-1100x400

Wab Kinew | Broadcast Journalist & Advocate for Indigenous Inclusion

A year in which he released his critically acclaimed national bestseller The Reason You Walk, also saw Wab short-listed for the RBC Taylor Prize. In 2015, Wab also brought attention to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report and announced two Canadian universities new mandated indigenous studies courses. This year, Wab is set to take another spin in the host’s chair of CBC’s Canada Reads.
“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate great Canadian writing in a way that engages a lot of people.” -Wab Kinew
Wab offers an inside view of what it means to be an educated aboriginal living in a country that is just beginning to wake up to its aboriginal history and living presence. Invoking hope, healing and forgiveness, Wab gives us an inspiring vision for cross-cultural reconciliation and a wider conversation about the future of a truly inclusive Canada.  

Current Events:


Roy MacGregor | Acclaimed Storyteller, Globe & Mail National Columnist

Called a “national treasure” by the Globe and Mail and the heir apparent to Peter Gzowski by CBC’s Shelagh Rogers, Roy MacGregor has a sense of Canada like no other. In more than 40 years of journalism, which has taken him through the provinces and territories. His love of Canada is at the core of his Globe and Mail columns and 50 books. In 2015, he released Canoe Country: The Making of Canada, a celebration of the essential and enduring love affair Canadians have with our first and still favourite means of getting around: the canoe. Roy offers an array of Canadian-specific presentations: from hockey, nature, history and everything in-between. He knows the country intimately and, in all likelihood, has seen more of it than almost any living Canadian.  


Rex Murphy | Social Commentator & Editorialist

The one and only Rex Murphy is a trusted voice across Canadian media. His intellect and biting humour strike through the heart of profound political and social issues. 2015 was a year of change for Rex. After 21 years he officially stepped down from his hosting duties for CBC’s Cross Country Checkup.
“The continuing conversation I have had every Sunday with Canadians on a wide range of topics over 21-years has been rewarding — and hard to give up… I am reminded every day by people who approach me in the street, in stores, airports and restaurants how many people have enjoyed and participated in that conversation …and I am grateful.”-Rex Murphy
One of Rex’s most requested presentations is The Art of Being Canadian. He discusses the country’s fragile loyalties and intense commitments at home and abroad. Rex knows what makes Canadians tick, and what drives our political and social affairs. He reminds us that we are important and have a culture beyond just hockey.  

Media Entertainment:


Jowi Taylor | Cultural Entrepreneur, Award-winning Broadcaster & Progressive Patriot

The story of Canada as you’ve never held it before: Jowi’s audacious Six String Nation project distills stories of diverse cultures, communities, characters and events from every province and territory of Canada into a single guitar called Voyageur – an object that is all at once a touchstone, talking-stick and living instrument. Jowi’s presentations go beyond Canada’s cultural clichés; galvanizing audiences with a story that is as vast as the country itself and as deeply personal as each individual in the room. The guitar is quite literally a piece of Canadian history…. or 64 pieces of history to be exact. All of the materials from which the guitar is constructed are contributions from different cultures, communities and characters that, together, tell the story of a multi-cultural Canada; offering a vision of Canada that is at once local and national in an object that is both an artifact and a living, breathing instrument.   Jon-Montgomery-HiRes6-1100x400

Jon Montgomery | Host of Amazing Race Canada & Olympic Gold Medallist, Skeleton

Hailing from Russell, Manitoba (population 1669), Jon knows a thing or two about small town Canada. He’s also visited every major Canadian city, and countless international destinations both as an athlete and host of The Amazing Race Canada. In 2015, CTV was announced a fourth season of the show.
“Canada shines through as the star of the show and reminds us why it’s the greatest place to live on earth.” -Jon Montgomery
Jon inspires Canadians from cost-to-cost with his presentation Dreaming Big: Living Bigger. While Jon always wanted to be a Canadian National Team athlete, he didn’t know which sport it would be in. Keeping his eyes wide open, living outside his comfort zone, trying new things and accepting the challenges that presented themselves enabled him to find his passion and his opportunity to realize his dreams. divider-White-Square NSB-Divider

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