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Jon Montgomery


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Award-Winning Host of The Amazing Race Canada & Olympic Gold Medallist, Skeleton

No stranger to tough competition, Jon is the host of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada (ARC) which has won over a dozen Canadian Screen Awards and counts millions of viewers every week. Before ARC, Jon won Olympic gold in men’s skeleton at the Vancouver 2010 games. His presentations unify the nature of what makes Canada great as a nation, with the power of individual self-efficacy; the unwavering belief you will accomplish that which you seek. 

Keynote Speeches

Dreaming BIG... And Believing It’s Possible!

Jon Montgomery always wanted to represent Canada in sport… he just didn’t know which sport it could be!

Having a penchant for adventurous experiences and with the encouragement of his parents to try new things and embrace challenges, Jon was able to find his passion and his opportunity to make his dreams come true through super-sonic-speeds on the skeleton track.

Jon’s story inspires others to go after their own stretch-goals and reach for new heights. Attendees will be reminded of a the tools they can lever to create the resolve, in their heart-of-hearts, that they have what it takes to Dream Big – And Believe It’s Possible!

Jon’s Olympic Journey

The story of a small-boy from a small-town who grew up playing hockey and idolizing his home-town hero – the smallest guy to ever play in the NHL. The experiences shaped and inspired Montgomery’s desire to become an Olympic Champion also.

Jon shares insights and experiences from the Flat-lands of Manitoba to the top-step of the Olympic Podium – and “beerond” – inspiring audiences to leverage simple tools to work together, live life outside their comfort zones, develop grit, and believe in themselves… and hopefully have a little fun.


Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re 100% correct!

Learning this nugget-of-wisdom the hard-way, very early in his development as a skeleton athlete, illuminated a fundamental truth for Montgomery – the greatest differentiator between realizing a goal and falling short is rooted in the individuals personal belief that they will achieve that which they seek.

Jon will relive the dramatic experience that revealed the toughest hurdle he would have to overcome to realize his dream… his ability to believe in himself!


Skeleton racing is an individual sport – but you are never alone! Whether you find yourself piloting a skeleton sled at 140kph down a frozen track or working on a project late at night at work, you have resources!

When we lean into the resources, human or otherwise, that are around us, we are more! Together our growth and development can be amplified and expedited – and it is through this collaborative approach that we can benefit from the invaluable experience of others. Preparation is the key to seizing your moment when the time comes; “pre-pair”, “pre-pair”, “pre-pair”… then “pre-form”!

Innovation and Realism
Being realistic about the things in life we can’t change can be illuminating – but there are always ways in which we can optimize ourselves and our situations through creative thinking and innovation. Unless you’re moving forward you’re getting left behind!
After winning gold in 2010 Jon decided to build his own skeleton sled to defend Our gold medal in 2014. While the end result was not what he was striving for at the outset, the lessons learned would prove to be invaluable!
Our attitude is the only thing we have control over in life – when we control our attitude, we can control how we react to things and thus, how they make us feel.
* These presentation elements can be combined and highlighted in different ways, depending on the intent of the organizers. I’m always keen to learn more about my audience and work closely with organizers to tailor-suit my presentation to their industry and current market-landscape.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Jon’s personality and energy make him the perfect Host/MC for your events. After sharpening his skills as the host of The Amazing Race Canada, he was tapped as co-host for one of Canada’s biggest live events: The 2016 Juno Awards. Jon is also an auctioneer; a skill he’ll gladly bring to select engagements.
Golf Program | Celebrity Golfer
Jon is available as a Celebrity Golfer, or bring him in as the Host/MC or Keynote Speaker for your post-event banquet.
Live Auctions
As a professional auctioneer, Jon will take advantage of any situation to pay-it-forward and raise some quick-cash for a charity of your choosing. Jon has raised millions and entertained thousands with the pitter-patter of the auction chant and unforgettable energy of a live auction... all in about 2 to 5 minutes of time.

Audience reviews:

  • I have to say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for Jon! He was energetic, relevant, relatable, funny, and motivating. I've actually never had a paid speaker have such consistent feedback before; well done Jon! A few notable points of feedback from clients include one entrepreneur (in more of the startup phase) told me that his talk was exactly what they needed and gave them the motivation they needed to keep going. A few others talked about how they loved that he tied it back to the overall theme of the conference and gave them the push to just get started. We really appreciate that Jon also took feedback early on to tie back into the conference theme earlier in his talk, which help land the overall conference theme for us and was extremely helpful. It's also not every speaker (in my experience) who is willing to even take feedback, so the fact that he was open to it and even applied it was quite something. Nothing but positive feedback and a huge thank you to Jon for participating in our conferences. - National Meeting & Event Planner, PwC Canada
  • Jon Montgomery spoke at our annual Partners’ Conference, to an audience of our partners and their companions, and was extremely well received. The group found Jon to be inspiring, personable and entertaining, and they really enjoyed that he tells a great Canadian story. We would highly recommend Jon to other groups looking for a motivational and entertaining session (and definitely include the beer jug auction)! - National Director of Administration, Baker Tilly Canada
  • Jon was LinkedIn Canada’s keynote speaker for a virtual industry event for 1,000+ of our key customers. Jon was phenomenal at inspiring this audience on how to build resiliency through self-efficacy, an important skill now more than ever. His captivating personality and vibrant storytelling abilities kept the audience incredibly engaged throughout – a difficult task in the virtual world. If you need a renowned speaker to inspire and bring the energy – Jon is your person! - Enterprise Account Executive – Financial Services, LinkedIn
  • Jon was outstanding and the organizing committee members from Progressive Dairy Operators had many people give us positive feedback… we’re really happy how it went!! - Progressive Dairy Operators
  • On behalf of CPABC, I would like to thank you for participating in our Fall Pacific Summit in Victoria as our opening keynote speaker. The feedback that we received from our delegates on your presentation were very positive! Your presentation was captivating, energizing, inspiring, and humorous…a perfect way to start off our two day Summit. Thank you again for contributing to the success of our event! - Events Manager, Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC)
  • Jon was amazing! Really could not have asked for a better keynote for this years conference.

    - Northern British Columbia Tourism Association
  • Jon Montgomery was a memorable guest for our fundraising event. He was down to earth, lighthearted and brought a compelling message that appealed to a diverse audience.

    - University of Regina
  • Jon delivered a truly inspirational message at our national leader conference earlier this year. His message was right on the mark...inspiring leaders to take responsibility for challenging goals in the face of an uncertain path and really demonstrating how to take ownership for developing your full potential and that of your team. Jon is skilled at communicating his message in a way that resonates across a diverse audience with just the right blend of humour and candour. - Vice-President Group Life & Disability Operations, Great-West Life
  • Jon gave a very good presentation, very informative, well organized and delivered. You could tell from his sincerity that he has not forgotten his local roots. He blended good information with humor. I thought he delivered a very inspirational speech.
    - Chair Dept. of Graduate Studies & Field Research Faculty of Education, Brandon University
  • Jon was a wonderfully energetic and infectiously enthusiastic speaker. He spoke from the heart, and very naturally, about his journey to his Olympic dream, and kept our group captivated and entertained the entire time. He is a true Canadian spirit... - President, Canadian Security Traders Association
  • It was our extreme pleasure to welcome Jon Montgomery as our keynote speaker at the Smitty’s Canada 60th Anniversary Celebration and Seminar in Waikiki, Hawaii. Jon was easy to work with and really did his homework when it came to relating his experience with our Smitty’s restaurant brand through anecdotes of his life and his rise to Olympic gold. Our entire group was elated by Jon’s engaging and electric address, and we heard nothing but positive remarks about his presentation. Jon went the extra mile by auctioning off a signed ‘Beer Pitcher’ to our group with proceeds going to one of his favourite causes, Kids Sport Victoria. Beyond his presentation, Jon was generous with his time and very professional, not losing his signature Jon energy even after meeting and having photo’s taken with almost every family in the room. A gold-medal ‘Canadian’ performance indeed! Thank you Jon! - President, Smitty's Canada Inc.

Speaker Biography

Jon Montgomery’s life has been a whirlwind since his Olympic win in skeleton racing at the Vancouver Whistler Olympics in 2010. His big-time podium moment and his now-famous victory “beer-walk” through Whistler Village have paved the way for Montgomery to continue to find himself on Canadian TV.

Today, as the host of The Amazing Race Canada, Jon travels across the country, and all over the world, filming and sharing insights with audiences of all stripes on what makes Canada great and why the goals we set for ourselves are only as achievable as we believe they are.

Jon embraces any opportunity to engage with live and virtual audiences, auctioneering something sentimental for your charity or inspiring your
attendees with a parade-of-stories, chronicling a young mans journey from the flatlands of the prairies to the top of the Olympic podium – reminding us all that it’s alright to be proudly Canadian and celebrate the good times along the way!