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Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Healthy Living Experts & Hosts of BodyBreak

Under the umbrella of BodyBreak, Hal and Joanne have been encouraging Canadians of all ages to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether it’s their TV programs, syndicated radio shows, presentations, personal appearances, media interviews or the products they endorse, Hal and Joanne heighten the awareness of the benefits of healthy living and show Canadians just how practical and easy it is to do. But most of all … it’s “Fun”.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Sessions| BodyBreak

Have you incorporated breaks within your Zoom or Virtual event sessions? Are you encouraging attendees to stand up and stretch? Healthy living advocates Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod offer programs for Self-Care & Movement during video meetings for an effective way to re-energize your audience or team.

They have designed up to 5 BodyBreak sessions you can include at your next event. While they’re filmed in calming outdoor locations, you’ll see they’re designed to be viewed as part of a home office/virtual event setting.


Hal & Joanne – Find Calm amongst the Chaos

Hal and Joanne -Upper body exercises

Life Is a Series Of U-Turns

Using their Amazing Race Canada experience as the backdrop, they talk about how everyone is faced with Challenges, Competition, Roadblocks, Detours and Injuries in life but it’s how you deal with it that determines failure or success. Using their Amazing Race Canada experience as the backdrop, Hal and Joanne talk about how everyone is faced with Challenges, Competition, Roadblocks, Detours and Injuries in life but it’s how you deal with it that determines failure or success. They key in on their physical and mental strategies and the role confidence plays to help individuals make their u-turns in life result in positive outcomes. Hal and Joanne also share with their audience the importance of teamwork, what it means to focus on the task and compete, the role a leader and a follower play and how to trust your teammate(s) for success.


The Story Behind Bodybreak - Building Your Brand

It started with a chance meeting at a gym over 27 years ago. With an idea that was conceived from a strong foundation of sport experiences – Hal represented Canada in Baseball and Joanne in Track & Field – their passion for being active spear-headed the venture. And over 27 years later, BodyBreak is one of the most recognized, iconic brands in Canada known for promoting healthy, active lifestyles to Canadians of all ages. Hal and Joanne take you behind the scenes of BodyBreak and give an up close look at the business behind this “fitness” duo. From sales to marketing to tv production to running a business, to breaking barriers in dealing with racism. Hal and Joanne are not just the on-camera personalities Canadians have come to know. Attendees will be inspired and motivated by Hal and Joanne’s rollercoaster journey filled with stories, bloopers and nostalgia. Individuals will get a great in-sight on how to bring their ideas to life, keep the faith and how proper preparation beats poor performance. 

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Keynote or Workshop | A Healthier You—Your Future You
Hal and Joanne inspire and motivate others to achieve their healthy, active lifestyle goals. They share their wealth of personal experiences, fitness and wellness knowledge and entrepreneurial business attitude in a simple, energetic and positive manner. Hal and Joanne provide simple strategies to live a healthier lifestyle from their best-selling book. They explore the concepts of: the 20 lb Effect, one body for life and the future you. Attendees also learn that in order to make healthy changes in their personal and/or business life, they need to identify the triggers that set poor habits in motion and how to establish new triggers, routines and rewards that will change their habits and change their life. Hal and Joanne believe that when an individual is connected to their Future Self, they are more likely to take charge and practice healthy habits now before it’s too late.
Celebrity Partnerships

Audience reviews:

  • It was on my radar to write you today about how AMAZING they were. Hal and Joanne were incredible speakers! Their speech was engaging, uplifting with tips and information that resonated with everyone. They rolled in on their bikes and everyone was cheering, it was super well received and took the event to the next level. Thanks again and please let them know the Purolator family absolutely loves them. - Manager, Mental Health and Wellness, Purolator Inc.
  • All the students connected with your presentation yesterday, and it was exactly what we were looking for in content and delivery. You were both engaging and fun.

    - KPMG Business School
  • Hal & Joanne did a fantastic job at presenting invaluable information. I loved how they incorporated actually getting up off our chair to do yoga and zumba, as well as prizes! They were entertaining. Wonderful!

    - Attendee, York Region District Board of Education

Speaker Biography

Hal and Joanne bring their passionate and energetic approach to healthy living to all their presentations!

Hal and Joanne share their fitness, health and wellness knowledge as well as their entrepreneurial business background in an upbeat, entertaining and positive manner. Attendees instantly connect with Hal and Joanne as many have grown up seeing them on TV. Attendees also come away with the inspiration, motivation and means to take immediate steps for positive change with their health and attitude. In turn, it can help them to be successful in their personal lives and careers.

To celebrate their 25 years of healthy living, teamwork and positivity, they appeared on CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada as Team BodyBreak. They were one of 9 teams being challenged physically and mentally as they compete and travel across Canada. Why Hal and Joanne? The Amazing Race Canada Executive Producer, John Brunton, called them “special” and ‘unique”. They have also enjoyed being part of a wide range of corporate, university and special events. From being Oktoberfest Parade Grand Marshals to Hosts of the Regina Grey Cup Family Zone to Leading a Walk for Heart Day to Celebrating Canada Day on a cruise with the fans of Radio Indie88 to Participating in McMaster University’s Soul Food Fair.

Hal’s love for baseball as a youth lead him to a scholarship at the University of Colorado. He went on to represent Canada at the Baseball World Cham-pionships in Japan in 1982. He finished his business degree and worked in Canada and the US. Besides having a successful baseball and business career, his extensive sales back-ground and enthusiasm to keep fit helped launch and sustain BodyBreak’s longevity. In his “spare” time you might find him golfing, playing hockey or walking on his treadmill.

Joanne was a member of the Canadian Track and Field Team and was a 4 time National and 7 time Provincial hurdle champion. Joanne also represented Canada at several international competitions such as the World Cup, Commonwealth and Pacific Conference Games. Her business and health background in the insurance industry helped to further BodyBreak’s success. Joanne now enjoys trail running, cycling and playing golf. 

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