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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) speaker Jim Estill is not your typical big-city CEO. With a home base in Guelph, he brings a humble, pragmatic and driven approach to business. Jim is no stranger to business success. He went from zero to $350 million in sales and, finally, turned a business that started with no cash and no customers into a $2 billion revenue company. He attributes his success to a personal set of “success habits” – one of which is simply “Do the right thing”.


Now more than ever, CSR is at the forefront of business success.  When it comes to workplace culture, studies consistently show how employees are more engaged with organizations who focus on values that closely align with their own. When it comes to recruitment, top job seekers are searching for employers who reflect their values and culture.

Our CSR speakers lead by example, helping companies understand the organizational benefits of extending time and resources to – as Jim would say – doing the right thing.

Event professionals looking to empower their audience to be champions of a corporate cause can rely on CSR speaker Jim Estill. In his presentations, he shares his success habits to show leaders how simple it is for companies to integrate a humanitarian-focus within their operations. Audiences leave his presentations with practical advice, developing success habits that translate into all aspects of living well.

Doing the Right Thing

“If we had more business professionals stepping in and helping to integrate Syrian refugees into our economy, it would be great because they bring with them really great skills … Immigrants can be an important part of bridging that skills gap.” – Jim


Jim Estill invested $1.5 million dollars into sponsoring 58 Syrian families to his hometown of Guelph. After being confronted with news reports of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, he saw how slow relief efforts were and felt that nothing was happening closer to home in Canada. Jim realized he had the resources to help, so quickly went about a plan of action: sourcing housing, tapping into his network of business friends to find job openings, and identifying accessible ESL courses for the refugees to take part in.

As a speaker, his most requested presentation is built around the lessons he learned from not only sponsoring these families but ensuring their success in a completely new country with quite a different culture from their homeland. 

A disciplined man, Jim lives by simple rules he calls “success habits”. These include dedicating time to nurture creativity, surrounding yourself in nature daily and prioritizing goodwill and commitment (just to name a few).

As a CSR speaker, he uses his own journey to prove, “If you can run a company with 800 employees, then you can run an organization with 800 volunteers”. He advocates for corporate social responsibility, as part of a proven strategy for success. Self-described as “a regular person doing a tiny bit and even doing that imperfectly”, Estill’s speaking style is humble and pragmatic, yet driven. 

Jim Estill on CNN discussing his Syrian Refugee Initiative


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The Business of Philanthropy
In this presentation, Jim shares insights as on how to bring a business mindset to the philanthropic world. He believes there are lessons learned that can be shared from business to social enterprises/volunteer organizations and vice versa.

From Zero to $2 billion – Success Habits

Based on his TEDx talk of the same name, Jim shares lessons learned from his time running multimillion dollar companies. Estill has codified his life into a set of his “success habits”. He believes in small changes that can make a big difference – like spend 20 minutes outside every day, no matter the weather, and have a “creative oasis” where you can do your best thinking.



He turned out to be exactly the kind of business person you want designing the systems that help people thrive.
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Jim Estill - Corporate Social Responsibility Speaker