Our Disruptive Future & Transformative Trends – Futurist Speaker Jim Carroll

25 years ago, we heard about a young fellow who had a brand new bestselling book about something called the Internet – and invited him in for a chat. We convinced him that he might just be able to parlay his experience into a few speaking engagements as a Futurist Speaker.

It’s highly unlikely that either we, or Jim Carroll ever had any idea of what this would lead to. And so way back then, we formed a relationship with Futurist Jim Carroll that is still going strong.

And so we were just thrilled to see him recently on stage in 2018 at the World Government Summit in Dubai – sharing an event agenda that included Robert DeNiro, Goldie Hawn, Forrest Whittaker, the head of the International Monetary Fund, the Prime Ministers of France and India, and more!

Jim’s talk took a look at the disruptive future, and what happens next in the global economy for those who choose to align themselves to disruptive and transformative trends that are at the essence of our times:

25 years ago, when NSB and Jim first started working together, he was putting into perspective the impact of a brand new technology — the Internet! – for our clients in Canada, and helped us launch Canada’s first bureau website. Today, he is doing so much more, but on a world stage!

These days, Jim is busy with a Rolodex of speaking engagements for some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the world.
His recent client list includes: 

  • Mercedes Benz – for a talk on the future of self-driving cars;
  • Nikon in Tokyo, on the future of optometry; 
  • NASA, on the disruption of the industry of space;
  • BASF, on the future of energy;
  • Johnson and Johnson on the impact of genomic medicine;
  • Disney for a talk on the disruption of the entertainment industry;
  • Godiva Chocolates for trends shaping the future of retail.

And with that, he maintains his roots at his home in Mississauga, skis every weekend at his chalet north of Toronto, and golfs (obsessively) at this home golf course, Credit Valley.

We’re always thrilled when we identify and work with a speaker who goes on to the world stage, and if you haven’t seen him yet, we think it might be time that our Canadian clients discover what the rest of the world has discovered – Jim Carroll is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the future, trends, innovation, and disruption.

If he can help to shape the minds of world leaders in Dubai, he can help bring his passionate insights to your executives in Canada!


Learn more about Futurist Speaker Jim Carroll’s talks & how his insights can help your audience be ready for what’s next by contacting us here.