Education Speakers | Leading Voices in 2019

May 16, 2019

How do we prepare today’s students and teachers for our rapidly changing world? We must identify and nurture the skills necessary for a future workplace where the majority of careers are not supported by traditional career & education paths. Event planners in education are faced with social, philosophical, and organizational upheaval – supercharged by the need to blend essential skills with technology.

Over the next two weeks, we will be featuring a series of leading education speakers. They’ll explore topics such as technology, policy, access, and information sharing to educate today’s youth. Don’t miss insights from the people changing the face of education. 

🎓 Featured Education Expert  🎓

For almost two decades, Dr. Rumeet Billan has been committed to reimagining education, uncovering potential, and teaching resilience. If you’re looking for fresh, science-backed learning strategies educators can take back to their classrooms to create happier, more self-aware students, Rumeet says it starts with a simple question. Who Do I Want To Become?

[Read Rumeet’s Education Blog: Developing Flexible Skillsets in Students]


Rumeet’s Future of Education keynote sample takeaways: 

• What the Future of Education holds for the children and students of today.
• Subtle shifts in language to promote future-ready skills development and resiliency.
• Tips to help guide children and students on their path to self-discovery. 

➡️ Upcoming Education Experts

Jesse Hirsh on The Future of Authority: the Role of Education in Innovation

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📚Additional Resources for Educators

Jill Hewlett discusses some of the stressors that make learning difficult and offers some solutions to make learning easier for students and educators. [Read Jill’s Blog]


Jill Hewlett Brain Fitness for Educators

Jill also created a quick guide to learn some Brain Fitness tips and tools you can use in the classroom! It’s free to download above.


Upcoming Education Event?

Let our experts make it a little easier. Our agents offer customized speaker programming recommendations based on our nearly 50 years of industry experience. We know which speakers have had the strongest impact on educator audiences & are the first to know about new speakers, custom presentations, and event planner feedback.