Fenton Jagdeo Jr. on “Radical Curiosity & The Path To Innovation ” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

Your future depends on strategy & curiosity. For 2022, the World Economic Forum lists ‘creativity, originality, and critical thinking’ amongst the 10 growing skills required for 2022.

In this presentation Fenton Jagdeo Jr. shares the most important factor to becoming the type of dynamic worker that will define this era is…the ability to be curious. He stimulates a sense of urgency and inspires the courage in business leaders to think outside of today’s framing.

Are you able to encourage the pursuit of innovation and radical curiosity in your organization?

This webinar shows how the long-term success of organizations benefits from innovation, curiosity, and techniques to include these skills, for your own contributions and with your teams.

Takeaways from his webinar:

  • The Heart of Strategy is built on innovation. Innovation is fueled by being curious
  • You cannot ignore reality, that’s why we plan
  • The Heart of Strategy: Where to Play, How to Win, Capabilities Required
  • Building a Radically Curious mindset requires a drastic shift in thinking
  • Types of Innovation: Configurations, Offerings, Experiences

Fenton Jagdeo Jr. believes the new rule for being successful is that there are no rules. The most important factor to becoming the type of dynamic worker that will define this era is the ability to be curious. Radically curious. And then activate and execute that curiosity into innovation. It’s this approach that’s ensured Fenton has optimized his curiosity and leveraged his experiences into dynamic career opportunities.

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