Hospitality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence | Mike Walsh

The future of hospitality is already here and it isn’t flashy new hardware or lightning fast computations – it’s about the rewiring of future customers’ expectations of and interactions with future tech.

Future technology speaker Mike Walsh says that the next generation of consumers are already raising the bar regarding service and accessibility in the hospitality industry.

Event professionals looking to offer their clients and attendees a cutting-edge customer experience don’t need to look too far to model and cater events for future-ready audiences.


An Authority on The Future of Industries

Mike Walsh offers customized presentations that leave audiences prepared and inspired to transform the way they do business. He approaches his customized talks by scanning the horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in human behavior, and then translating these into pragmatic plans for digital transformation within your industry.

How does that look in practical terms?

Here’s how Mike customized his presentation to offer insights on the major shifts in the hospitality industry: 

1. Consumer Expectation – Consumer Prediction
Future consumers in the hospitality industry will expect more than just their needs being met – they’ll expect their requests anticipated and prepped to go. With tech giants like Amazon using suggestive reasoning (“frequently bought with”) as part of their customer experience, future attendees will find it natural to have patterns in their behavior analyzed even before they make a request.

2. Interfacing Technology
“Alexa, turn on the shower to 68 degrees.” Children are growing up verbally addressing technology. Mike says as a result, “It’s changing their base expectations of how they get information.” They will bring these expectations into all their other experiences – interactive access is going to be a huge differentiator in the workplace and the hospitality industry of tomorrow.

3. Behavioral Economics
Mike believes in the future landscape of the IoT and networks of connected devices – “We’ll take everything we know about neuroscience and behavior and use it to start influencing people to do different things.” Can you imagine a world where geo-located advertising is targeted at you based on your previous purchase history with Amazon? Mike Walsh can.

4. Automation Collaboration
Mike knows that the real power of automation is the ability to augment efficiency with human experience through collaboration. “How can you get the 70-year-old concierge to sit down with a software engineer and turn everything in his head into code? That’s where your future advantage will come from.”


Mike’s Featured Customizable Presentation

Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence 

We live in an age of wonder – automation, algorithms, and AI are transforming not only business but every facet of daily life. The rise of machine intelligence begs a more important question: what is the true potential of human intelligence in the 21st century?

In this inspiring keynote, future technology speaker Mike Walsh presents a vivid portrait of a brave new world specific to your industry. One which is orchestrated by machines that think. He looks at how tomorrow’s leaders in your industry can upgrade their capabilities to survive and thrive in an age of accelerating technology. This includes a focus on data. Check out this clip to hear Mike’s insights on using data in the machine learning age:


What Audiences Say about Mike

“His presentation was beautifully tailored to CIOs and their concerns. They especially liked the way he included thought-provoking questions (his “mind grenades”) as well as “next action” ideas and concrete suggestions with each of the big concepts he covered in his talk. The presentation was fascinating in its variety, enhanced with short videos and gorgeous imagery, and his delivery throughout was conversational and entertaining. In all the uncertainty and challenges ahead for us all in the future, he was reassuring and upbeat… it was an outstanding way to kick off a conference that was all about innovation and business value.
– Editor in Chief, CIO 100 Symposium

“Amazing! I have found that some futurists and speakers simply regurgitate other people’s work without much original thought. Mike’s session was the contrary – full of original insights and humour – it gave me a number of genuinely new insights. He was also on-point during the subsequent panel discussion and complemented the other speakers.”
– Clients & Markets | Regional Head Middle East, Grant Thornton International

 Curious about redesigning your organization and the way you make decisions to thrive in the digital transformation era? Mike Walsh’s customized presentations are an excellent starting point.