How to be an Ally with Bee Quammie

Six steps on How to be an Ally with Bee Quammie

‘When I look at the things that allies do these are things that regular decent human beings who believe in equity & equality should just be doing anyways:

– Use your own platforms to give space for black folks to be able to express themselves.

– Do the work of anti-black racism learnings & unlearnings

– Gather other white people & say ‘let me teach you what I’ve learned’ so that we don’t continue to burden black people with explaining why their humanity is important.

– Everybody’s got a voice but there are people who are not being heard. So we need space to be heard.

– Interrogate yourself; are you having difficult conversations with family members & friends when they say racist comments?

– What are you doing tomorrow? Who are you donating money to, how are you amplifying black voices, what changes are made within your company & organizational structure for equity and equality?’

You can hear Bee’s full interview on How to be an Ally here.

Bee Quammie is host of kultur’D | The Pop Culture & Diversity Show on Global News Radio.