Leadership Lessons with Astronaut Candidate Dr Shawna Pandya

This year our annual Engage Speaker Talks showcase series returned to Calgary for a morning filled with inspiration with two of our most requested speakers. Our first speaker of the day – Dr. Shawna Pandya – drew from her impressive list of accomplishments to show our audience some key leadership lessons she’s learned throughout her career. 

If you didn’t get a chance to see this event in person, we’ve got a full digest on the key takeaways from Shawna’s presentation:


Dr. Shawna Pandya | Physician Surgeon & Citizen Scientist-Astronaut Candidate

Shawna shared key leadership lessons:

  • Organization & Time Management

    • In order to be a good leader, you need to set the standard & be organized
    • The medical approach of TRIAGE & the aviation approach of Aviate, Navigate & Communicate both focus on prioritization followed by action
    • Look for microslots of time. Identity every spare moment & take advantage of them by just doing the small things that add up to larger success

  • Mindset

    • Self-Audit
      • Look at how you make decisions, analyze the process, identify what works & what doesn’t
    • Play the what-if game
      • Mental rehearsal helps prepare you for the worst & helps set you up for improved decision-making
    • Think Strategically
      • You’re engaging your brain for winning strategies

  • Fear, Failure & Resilience

    • Fear & failure are not static. 
    • Cultivate Resilience with 5 steps:
      • Goal Setting
      • Positive Self-Talk
      • Mental Rehearsal
      • Impulse Control
      • Social Supports

  • Learning & Humility

    • Learning never stops
    • Stay humble, be grateful
    • Pay it forward. As much as people have the opportunity to inspire you, you have the opportunity to lead & inspire others

Check out the highlights from Shawna’s presentation here: 

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NSBest Calgary Reviews:

 “I had a great time and felt inspired by the line up of speakers you had – I loved the event” -Virgin Mobile Canada


“What a fantastic event! so happy I could be a part of it! Great location, great speakers, great team, everything was fantastic! Loved it!” -‎President, Global Planning Source Inc.



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