Marie-Claude Michaud & Roméo Dallaire on “Leading with Vulnerability” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

“In addition to a willingness to be vulnerable, benevolent leadership means nurturing employees and helping them see that there are ways to grow together as an organization and as colleagues.” – Marie-Claude Michaud

The Globe and Mail recently spoke with Roméo Dallaire and Marie-Claude Michaud about their topic Introducing a Benevolent Leadership. In this co-presentation, Dallaire & Marie-Claude Michaud introduce their newest work, combining his expertise as an on-the-ground leader and crisis management expert and her 25 years of leadership and development within the Department of National Defense. Together, they share the principles and application of a Benevolent Leadership Culture.

As they see it, with benevolent leadership, leaders are empathetic, open, vulnerable and place people’s well-being at the centre of everything. There’s a reciprocity between manager and employee that boosts motivation and self-esteem, leading to talent retention and healthy employee engagement. 

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Marie-Claude Michaud, an experienced leader, worked for the Department of National Defense for 25 years in support of a patriarchal, hierarchical, and predominantly male environment: the Canadian Armed Forces.  In 2015, Ms. Michaud launched a major transformation of the Centre’s work environment under a new strategic plan that became the basis of Benevolent Leadership Culture. The core principle of this leadership culture is to put human-beings at the forefront, in a relationship of reciprocity and cooperation within the organization’s leadership structure. Her recently published book, Être leader sans armure. Le pouvoir de la vulnérabilité en gestion, relates both her experience as a leader in a complex and adverse environment, and proposes with very practical means and applications this new people upfront leadership culture.

Lt. Gen (Ret) Roméo Dallaire embodies brave ethical leadership, and his motivational words inspire audiences to challenge the status quo, to be passionate about their work, and take pride in their team. One of the world’s most sought-after leadership speakers, his infectious humanity leaves lasting impressions and renewed optimism in all who hear him speak.


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