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Mental Health affects us all. As our collective knowledge around the subject continues to grow, we recognize the importance of open discussion on the topic. Event organizers play a key part in bringing together people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health.

Now is the time to lock in some speakers for your Mental Health event marking the occasion. In this blog, we’re highlighting some of our most requested & thought-leading Mental Health speakers: NSB-Divider

Invisible Wounds of Mental Health

For many, mental health is a reality of their life and profession. From members of the military to first respondents, to public service members, journalists and more. Sadly, many lives have been lost due to suicide. How can we develop better peer support systems to prevent these tragedies?

Bearing witness to the horrors of genocide, and an international community’s disregard for humanity, General Dallaire was grievously injured with post-traumatic stress disorder, resulting in his medical release from the military in 2000. Since then, he has tirelessly worked to raise awareness about mental health issues and PTSD.

In his ‘Mental Health & Invisible Wounds‘ presentation, Dallaire makes clear how the challenges around mental illness affect us all. As mental health wounds are not always visible, Dallaire speaks passionately about how much more needs to be done so that those suffering in silence can not just survive, but thrive. Listen Dallaire discuss mental health talk on Global News Radio:

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Workplace Mental Health

How can organizations move their team towards a collective goal without risking burnout? Those who don’t properly balance these concerns see sharp productivity declines, along with team engagement becoming snuffed out by resentment, dread, and stagnation.

As resident wellness expert for CTV’s The Social, Nova is a go-to source of strategies to boost mental health & wellness on both individual & organizational levels. 

In her ‘Workplace Wellness for a Better Bottom Line‘ presentation, Nova shares the 5 main workplace complaints along with the solutions to dealing with them. Audiences will learn to proactively identify red flags at work and use various techniques to create boundaries & prioritize self-care. Watch highlights from her mental health talk:

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Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Mental Health

What can we do to raise awareness of these mental health issues and how can we create an environment for citizens suffering from these illnesses to feel safe enough to talk?

Thirty-plus years of meticulously researched columns and articles, along with five best-selling books, have made André Picard one of Canada’s best-known media voices on healthcare. He’s been witness to – and offered commentary on – our societies change in discussing mental health. 

In his mental health presentation, Picard looks at cross-disciplinary approaches to observe mental health and draw on best practices. Listen to André deliver a mental health talk on the topic of loneliness:

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