Dr. Shawna Pandya “On Success, Failure, & Pushing The Limits” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar Series

Disruption is the new normal. Unpredictable situations such including variants in the COVID-19 pandemic have forced organizations to rapidly adapt to new realities. Teams are now faced with new challenges around productivity, technological capabilities, communications, crisis management, mental health and more.

What can critical situations and extreme environments teach us about adaptability in times of uncertainty? What can we learn from our successes and our failures in this journey?

From simulated space missions underwater, to commanding a simulated Mars mission, to her work as a physician during COVID, Dr. Shawna Pandya draws on a unique mix of experiences to show audiences how to thrive in times of uncertainty. She shares key skills when it comes to cultivating resilience, setting goals, and optimizing performance – as an individual, and as a team.

Audiences embark upon a journey into the upsides of isolation and walk away with insights that they can apply to their daily operations

Key highlights from this presentation include:

  • It is OK to FAIL. If you’re always winning, you’re in the wrong league.
  • 5 key traits of Resilience.
  • You can be hard on yourself in a way that is destructive…. or way that is productive.
  • Success and failure can be two sides of the same coin.

Dr. Shawna Pandya is a physician, speaker, martial artist, citizen-scientist astronaut candidate with Projects PoSSUM & PHEnOM, and prime crew aquanaut with Project Poseidon. Through her involvement with Project PoSSUM, Dr. Pandya was part of the first crew to test a commercial spacesuit in micro-gravity. She has also completed centrifuge studies, emergency spacecraft egress and sea survival training, and wilderness medicine training. She also currently serves at the Life Sciences Team Lead for Association of Spaceflight Professionals and the Life Sciences Chair for the Canadian Space Society.

Dr. Pandya holds degrees in Honors Neuroscience (BSc. Hons, University of Alberta), Space Studies (MSc., International Space University) and medicine (MD, University of Alberta). She is licensed as a general practitioner. Prior to completing medical school, she attended Singularity University, where she co-founded CiviGuard, based on Singularity’s challenge to positively impact 1 billion people in 10 years using accelerating technologies.

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