Science Sam “COVID-19: Impacts on Work & School” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

How do we continue our daily lives now that classrooms and workplaces are opening up?  Dr. Samantha Yammine helps us clear our questions about what we read and hear in social media, from government, and public health.  

She answers the FAQs about COVID-19, explains further on how our brains react when we are anxious and how to deal with it, as we slowly transition back to face-to-face 

In her presentations, she provides tools for assessing risk, spotting misinformation, coping with anxiety, and having informed discussions with friends and family. 

Here’s takeaways from her recent webinar: 

  • Unlike prior waves, we have the tools to keep ourselves safe and to end the pandemic. It isn’t over yet, but it WILL end. 
  • Use this simple rhyme to remember for what you can control: Time, space, people, place, cover your face, vaccinate
  • Vaccines protect you against the most severe outcomes #vaccineswork 

Dr. Samantha Yammine loves talking about anything science, anywhere & everywhere. She is passionate about empowering people to explore science by making it more familiar, accessible, and inclusive.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s been sharing the science behind the headlines as Science Sam on Instagram and Tik Tok, garnering millions of views every month to better help people assess risk, spot misinformation, and have informed discussions with their friends and family.

Samantha earned her PhD from the University of Toronto studying how stem cells build and maintain the brain, and then went on to found Science Sam Media, a science-based digital production agency. She has been a guest Science Correspondent for a variety of shows on Netflix, TVO Kids, CBC GEM, Discovery UK, CBC Radio, and AsapSCIENCE. She sits on the Board of Trustees for RCIScience, Advisory Board for the anti-misinformation organization ScienceUpFirst, and the Editorial Board of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers. She’s also published in Nature and Science on communicating science online.

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