Bee Quammie “The Power & Pitfalls of Resilience” | NSB Engage Virtual Webinar

What if we didn’t need to be so resilient? In this webinar, Bee Quammie takes a new approach to addressing resilience by outlining the ongoing need to do the work for each other so that there are fewer obstacles to face that require such perseverance.

While it’s meaningful to celebrate the resilience of individuals, we must also push for change in the systems and norms that have made resilience a necessity for many.

For those who face oppression in our society, the burden is not who we are – the burden is living under that oppression. Too often we internalize ideas of deficiency, because of who we are and what we’ve been through, leading to mental health issues and a stunting of societal change.  

With this critical lens on resilience, we can direct this energy outwards and be empowered by our ability to take action to change things for ourselves and the world at large.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Acknowledge the necessity and importance of building resilience
  • Recognize how resilience links with oppression
  • Develop a critical lens on resilience for personal and society gain


Bee Quammie is a writer, radio host, and public speaker. With a degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario, Bee spent over a decade in the healthcare industry (working in mental health research, international health, and acquired brain injury work) before transitioning fully to writing and media.

She’s the co-host of The Kultur’D Show on Global News Radio, covering topics around pop culture and diversity. She has also been featured on TVO’s The Agenda With Steve Paikin, CityTV’s Cityline, and has been a featured commentator on CBC—both for CBC Radio and for CBC’s flagship news show, The National. . Bee also produces and hosts events in the Greater Toronto Area surrounding feminism in film, the celebration of natural hair, and diversity in media. Bee has served as a director on the board for TAIBU Community Health Centre, which provides primary health care and health promotion programs and services to Black communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

Bee’s presentations centre on the stories that often aren’t told, providing spaces where audiences can learn, be empowered, and find a relatable voice.

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