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Bee Quammie


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mental Health Expert and Journalist on Pop Culture & Diversity

Bee Quammie is a multi-passionate creative who uses her platforms to share stories and connect with others, centering on mental and brain health, resilience, diversity, and pop culture analysis.

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The Power and Pitfalls of Resilience

What if we didn’t need to be so resilient? Bee Quammie takes a new approach to addressing resilience by outlining the ongoing need to do the work for each other so that there are fewer obstacles to face that require such perseverance.

While it’s meaningful to celebrate the resilience of individuals, we must also push for change in the systems and norms that have made resilience a necessity for many.

For those who face oppression in our society, the burden is not who we are – the burden is living under that oppression. Too often we internalize ideas of deficiency, because of who we are and what we’ve been through, leading to mental health issues and a stunting of societal change.  

With this critical lens on resilience, we can direct this energy outwards and be empowered by our ability to take action to change things for ourselves and the world at large.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

Acknowledge the necessity and importance of building resilience

Recognize how resilience links with oppression

Develop a critical lens on resilience for personal and society gain


Diversity & Identity

As a Black Canadian woman with parents who immigrated from Jamaica in the 80s, ‘diversity’ isn’t just a hot keyword for Bee. From speaking at events centering on Black women and natural hair acceptance, to highlighting little-known facts about Canada’s history, to providing authentic context to the impact that Caribbean people have made in Canada and in pop culture, Bee has her finger on the pulse of the diversity discussion. With change being seen everywhere from media to corporate industries, now is the time to have real conversations so that we can move forward and be better than ever.


Mental Health

How do we navigate and stay aware of mental health and wellness while eliminating stigma? For Bee, this topic is personal. As someone who has been transparent about her experiences with depression, anxiety, and postpartum depression, Bee has combatted stigma with openness, encouraging others to do the same.


Feminism, Intersectionality & Pop Culture

The word “feminism” can elicit a range of emotions in response. For Bee, one of the best ways to learn and speak about feminism and intersectionality is through pop culture. What does Beyonce add to the feminism discussion? How can we use film to critique and analyze ableism, racism, and sexism? Where are we seeing positive change, and where is there room for improvement? Through a variety of presentation styles, Bee helps to bring these discussions into the light.


Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Available as Keynote or Workshop | Community & Dementia
With Canada’s aging population, dementia will continue to be a disease that many of us are touched by in some way. Whether you are a person with dementia, know someone living with the disease, or live in a community touched by it, we all have a role to play in helping to keep people safe and active within their communities. This presentation takes a look at awareness and offers tangible ways that communities can be more supportive and safe for people living with dementia.
Available as Keynote or Workshop | Navigating Digital & Social Media
As a noted digital content creator, Bee has acquired a great amount of knowledge of the connections between our online and offline worlds. While many people compare the merits of “online” and “in real life,” Bee knows that real life takes place in both realms. How do you find success online? How do you stay safe and keep your loved ones safe on and offline? What happens when your online and offline lives collide? From technical tips to crafting a winning story to the dos and don't's of managing a digital presence, Bee's digital media workshops cover all bases.

Audience reviews:

  • I wanted to thank [Bee] personally for being part of our latest installment of Diversity Speaks. [Bee's] discussion not only educated and brought awareness to Black Hair and Beauty Standards, but sparked a deeper conversation amongst our team members. We are getting feedback that people are re-watching with their families and, more importantly, their children. It’s having an impact and people want to make sure the next generation is not only aware but is part of the conversation that drives change. This is why we do this. It was incredible to meet [Bee] and wish [her] all the best. - Sr. Manager, Environmental, Loblaw Real Estate

Speaker Biography

What can we learn when we really listen to each other? Bee’s presentations centre on the stories that often aren’t told, providing spaces where audiences can learn, be empowered, and find a relatable voice.  In addition to speaking, she’s a writer, award-winning digital content creator, health advocate, and media commentator. 

She’s host of kultur’D | The Pop Culture & Diversity Show on Global News Radio am640, and has been blogging for over a decade, including her longest-running personal blog, ‘83 To Infinity.

Focusing on areas around natural hair care, wellness, race & culture and more, ‘83 To Infinity enabled Bee’s transition to freelance writing. Her writing has been featured in print and digital publications around the world like Chatelaine, Ascension Magazine, For Harriet, EBONY Magazine, The Globe & Mail, The Establishment, VICE, Revolt, and many others. Bee was recognized by Black Enterprise as one of the “most impactful and successful voices in the online space,” was the recipient of the Best Blogger Award at the 2014 Black Canadians Awards, and was accepted into the 2016 class at the THREAD At Yale Fellowship Program for Storytelling in Modern Media. After the birth of her daughter, Bee founded The Brown Suga Mama, a blog focused on motherhood from the perspective of a Black Canadian mom.

Bee has also taken her thoughts, words, and knowledge from behind the computer screen. She can be seen and heard across North America, having spoken at conferences and schools, and featured on TV and radio across the continent.  Some of her notable features include being featured on Arise TV’s Our Take in New York City discussing international healthcare, and twice on TVO’s The Agenda With Steve Paikin, speaking on education & employment options for Canadian millennials and the presence of women in media. Bee is also a cast member of the Drunk Feminist Films collective, which hosts bi-monthly interactive film screenings that examine societal structures within pop culture.

Bee holds a degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario and Post-Graduate Certificate studies in Health Promotion from George Brown College. Her work in healthcare has focused on mental health research, international health, and brain injury/dementia support and advocacy. Bee has worked with entities like the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, helping to lead provincial discussions in dementia and technology and with program promotion across the province, while also conducting work with the Ontario Provincial Police on awareness of community policing and dementia.