Speakers to Watch in 2015 | Brian Goldman & Dave Williams

2015 is upon us and this year promises new ideas, inspiration and actions toward our collective best year ever. As a tribute to these new beginnings, throughout the month of January we will be featuring a selection of ‘Speakers to Watch‘ in 2015; speakers who inspire, engage and challenge us. NSB-Divider Today’s featured speakers are both highly engaged doctors looking to improve perceptions of the medical community.

Dr. Dave Williams | Record-breaking Astronaut and Aquanaut, CEO Southlake Regional Health Centre

Dave-Williams-Banner With a passion for healthcare and risk management, prior to entering the Canadian Space Agency’s program, Dr. Dave Williams worked as an emergency room doctor and later as Director of Emergency Services at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. In addition to his day-to-day role as President & CEO of Southlake Regional Health Centre, Dr. Williams also acts as the chair of the Ontario Health Innovation Council. Catalyst-Report-Health-OntairoThe council recently delivered a compelling study to the Government of Ontario in an effort to improve the sustainability of the health care system and accelerate innovations into practice within the global marketplace. He had the following to say on the topic of Innovation:

“Innovation has the potential to transform health care by empowering people to better manage their wellness and interact with clinicians in more effective ways, however, innovation cannot thrive unless there is a fertile ground to develop new ideas and clear pathways that lead to adoption.”

Areas of keen interest for Dr. Williams and the Southlake team include safety and quality, precision diagnostics and therapeutics, clinical informatics, and computer assisted surgery. The benefits of heath technology innovation are vast and include amongst others a more sustainable healthcare system alongside an improved economy. In his health presentations, Dr. Williams uses his clinical research in emergency medicine, early identification of trauma patients at high risk, and his work in Medical Robotics to discuss innovative technologies that assist the development of local and remote patient care.

Learn more about Dr. Williams and how he can inspire your innovation in your organization on his speaker profile.


Dr. Brian Goldman| Emergency Room Physician, Bestselling Author & Medical Watchdog

Dr-Brian-Goldman-Engage-Toronto-2012-960x400 Dr. Brian Goldman is a seasoned ER physician and one of Canada’s most trusted medical broadcasters. Never one to shy away from controversy, Dr. Goldman specializes in kicking open the doors to the medical establishment and revealing what really goes on behind the scenes. He’s on a mission to replace shame based examination of human error in medicine with curiosity-based inquiry. Dr. Goldman recently authored a frank, heartfelt piece for Chatelaine covering his experiences with the health care system through a patients eyes. Here’s an excerpt:

We need better training in breaking bad news and in helping families make decisions in the best interests of loved ones near the end of life.  It would be so much better if we could all talk frankly about what we want and expect years before we near the end of life, instead of putting the discussion on indefinite hold.

You can read the entire article here.

Learn more about Dr. Goldman and how he can inspire your healthcare audience on his speaker profile.

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