2022 Trending Events & Topics

As we begin a new year, we’re highlighting some of the most requested topics and speakers for the start of 2022! Black History MonthInternational Women’s Day, Future of WorkMental Health are top of mind this time of year.

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With a new year of resolutions and Bell Let’s Talk Day coming up, host a Mental Health speaker to help your team cope with the demands of both work and home while improving their mental health and increasing productivity and happiness. Our roster of speakers on mental health and wellness experts are ready to educate and uplift your audience on topics like burnout, managing anxiety, resilience, adapting to change, ending stigma, and more.


Whether you’re planning for February’s Black History Month, or looking to keep the conversation moving into the rest of the year, it’s always a good time to plan events around equity, diversity, and inclusion. We’ve got a selection of impactful speakers on topics from improving workplace diversity to becoming an effective ally, and more.



With #BreakTheBias as the 2022 International Women’s Day theme, we’re proud to represent many incredible women who share their stories and expertise while leading change in gender equity and empowerment. Host one of these speakers for IWD or another upcoming event.


Trends of remote-first workplaces, accelerated technologies, and the Great Resignation continue as we manage this new wave of working culture. What style of leadership is thriving in these times? What skills do we need to stay productive, connected, and healthy? How can we plan for growth and economic recovery? Our Future of Work and Economics experts are here to help your organization navigate this new world.



Request More Information | 2022 Trending Topics

Request More Information | 2022 Trending Topics

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