Targeted Search

Speaker Scout is our intuitive search tool which will help you find the perfect speaker for your event in a few simple steps.

It’s easy to access. First, click ‘Speaker Scout‘ from the top navigation menu:


divider-White-SquareThis will pull down our Speaker Scout search bar:


This menu contains some powerful search options:

Keyword Search:

This option allows you to search the information found in a speakers profile according to keyword. Perfect for terms not currently listed as one of our main topics or subtopics.

Begin by typing your term directly into the text bar. The search function will automatically begin searching through speaker profiles as you type and provide a dropdown of the most relevant names. You can either click these names directly:



Or click on the ‘Find Speakers‘ box to generate a full list of the names applicable to the search terminology:


Filter Speakers:

This option provides the power of multi-tiered search criteria to help you pinpoint just the right speaker for your event. Options include:

Any Topic:

By hovering your cursor overtop of this field a dropdown menu will appear:


Any Subtopic:

By hovering your cursor overtop of this field a scrollable dropdown menu will appear. Subtopics found within your selected Topic will appear in bold:


This text-based field allows you to type out a province or state and identify speakers according to a geographic area:



Presentation Type:

By hovering over ‘Keynote Address‘ a drop-down menu will appear showing all the presentations options.



The ‘Bilingual‘ checkbox allows you to further narrow down your search according to language:


Speaker Scout also allows you to browse Speakers according to two different criteria:

By Topic:



By Name:

By selecting a letter, you will then see a full list of speakers whose last name corresponds with it.


We hope this feature helps you and your team in selecting the best possible speaker(s) for your event.

If you have any questions you can send us an email or chat live with us using the box at the top, right-hand corner of the website (during regular business hours).