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Dr. Abdu Sharkawy

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Infectious Disease Specialist & Healthcare Media Commentator

Dr. Abdu Sharkawy is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and an Infectious Diseases Consultant at the University Health Network. Having amassed 20+ years of experience on the front lines, he routinely appears on multiple media outlets around the globe for his expert analysis, key insights, and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic; including serving as the principal Infectious Diseases resource lead for CTV News in Canada.

Keynote Speeches

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The Trajectory of the Virus

Attendees will learn:

  • What the future potentially holds beyond the 1stand 2nd doses of the vaccine.
  • The realities and lessons learned in the wake of the pandemic, and are we moving in the right direction?
  • The best/worst case scenarios for the future from an infectious disease perspective and how you and your family can make an informed decision.
Covid-19 Vaccinations 

Attendees will learn:

  • Have their safety concerns addressed about the current COVID 19 vaccines, directly from an infectious disease expert.
  • Gain a better understanding between the different vaccines that are currently available and how to navigate which vaccine is right for you.
  • Walk away with pertinent information about what the vaccine does and does not prevent, asymptomatic carriers of the virus and infecting others post vaccination.

Audience reviews:

  • Every time I read your words I’m in awe of your sustained courage and extraordinary grace. - Mary Lynn Futers @gathertonourish
  • You and your colleagues are the voices we need to hear ...You’re being an advocate, speaking truth that we need to hear whether we like it or not. - Vanessa @Vanessa4Really

Speaker Biography

Dr. Abdu Sharkawy is a world-renowned internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist who is based in Toronto, Canada.

From the outset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr. Sharkawy was one of the key authorities speaking on and educating the public about the Covid-19 pandemic on a global stage.  

Dr. Sharkawy has provided extensive knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic to many audiences on a global stage. He has spoken about the pandemic on well-known media platforms, such as Dr. Phil, ABC News, Al-Jazeera and BBC News, and he is the leading source of COVID-19 information for the biggest news network in Canada, CTV News. Millions of Canadians rely upon Dr. Sharkawy’s medical expertise, as a part of their daily routines.

Working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, in one of the largest hospital networks in Canada, has undoubtedly allowed Dr. Sharkawy to have a unique perspective on the pandemic. Dr. Sharkawy has spoken on several key areas of the pandemic, including but not limited to, the vaccines, the trajectory of the virus, and the best/worst case scenarios for the future.