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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Productivity & Change Management Expert

Speaker and USA Today bestselling author, Ann Gomez, has trained some of the world’s busiest people, helping them reclaim their time and empowering them to do their best work. As the Founder and President of global training organization, Clear Concept Inc., Ann has presented to thousands of people around the world for over two decades, instilling what she has learned into compelling workshops and keynotes about productivity, collaboration, mindset, and wellbeing. She is an expert at translating theory into practical strategies to transform the way you work – and live.

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Workday Warrior: A Proven Path to Reclaiming Your Time

Life is busier than ever before. We are working longer hours, juggling too many priorities, and often doing email during our so-called leisure time, yet we seem to keep falling further behind. We used to be able to prioritize our way out of overwhelm, but we clearly need a better approach to help us reclaim our time and upgrade our work habits. Something more than discipline, willpower – or hours in the day.

The Workday Warrior strategy is a straightforward and proven solution, designed for the world’s busiest people. You’ll learn about three key tools to help you become a Workday Warrior. This strategy will help you concentrate your time and energy on your core priorities, protect time for what you value most, and apply the Simplify Filter to level up.

You can overcome overwhelm, and all the stress associated with too much work. You can change how you work and get more done. You are meant to be a Workday Warrior – Ann will show you how to get there.

Secrets of High-Performance Hybrid Teams

High-performance team habits have never been more essential. Teams have experienced incredible disruptions, from virtual to hybrid work, massive industry shifts and unprecedented turnover. Given all of this, culture is more important than ever. Learn what your team needs to thrive – as individuals and as a collective group.

Building on long-standing teaming principles, this session focuses on how you can bring out the best across your team, regardless of where you work. Strengthen trust, foster connections, and drive engagement with frequent recognition, developmental feedback and equal access to opportunities. Learn how to balance autonomy with collaboration routines, while providing each team member with the meaning and purpose they crave.

Collectively, your team is capable of outstanding results, and we all deserve to work in a culture where we can thrive.

Your Thrive Mindset

Thriving at work requires a specific mindset: a thrive mindset. Elite performers know success is an inside game, regardless of what is happening around us. Learn proven, evidence-based habits to build your resiliency and skillfully navigate stressful situations. Recognize setbacks and failure as learning opportunities.

Build your confidence and improve your presence. Recognize and Curate limiting beliefs. Revisit your goals and self-imposed limits, so you can rise to your full potential and beyond. Embrace a thrive mindset to perform at your best when it matters most. These key lessons – the ones we all should have learned much earlier in life – will transform how you work and live.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing is an essential foundation for our work and our life. Yet many people struggle to prioritize key behaviors such as sleep, exercise, and eating well. Fostering healthy relationships, practicing gratitude, relaxation, and meditation are also crucial for restoring ourselves physically and mentally.

This session will inspire you with practical strategies to prioritize your wellbeing. Even more importantly, we’ll cover the latest science in habit formation, so you can adopt the habits you crave. We know why wellbeing is important. It’s time we focus on how to prioritize the activities that matter most.

Customized Presentation

Ann is committed to understanding your unique goals and audience, to develop customized programs to meet your needs. Each of the following topics may be integrated into personalized keynotes, webinars, fireside chats, breakout sessions, and Q&A.


  • The power of focus
  • Prioritization
  • Proactive routines
  • Organization
  • Procrastination
  • The Email Warrior


  • Hybrid teaming
  • The ART of delegating
  • Challenging conversations
  • Fearless feedback
  • Compelling team visions
  • High-performance teaming

Mindset & Wellbeing

  • Thriving under stress
  • Empowering beliefs
  • Confidence
  • Presence
  • 7 Wellbeing pillars
  • Habits

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Audience reviews:

  • Loving your course and The Email Warrior methods have been life changing. I have looked at other systems and nothing compares to this in terms of managing my work and setting boundaries on my time. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this past year without the systems I learned from you. - Director of Compensation & Benefits, Sonesta Hotels
  • I would attend any talk Ann gives. She is so motivating and provides so many things I can start doing today to elevate myself and my work. She had great energy and made her content relevant to our world. - Insurance Executive, Financial Services
  • Ann has so much energy and spoke with such poise and passion! I could have listened to her for hours! She is inspiring and always leaves me feeling motivated.
    - Insurance Executive, Finance industry
  • Gomez empowers even the most successful people to use their time more effectively and accomplish more of what counts. - CEO, Bushong Media & retired Senior Vice President, the Walt Disney Company
  • Ann’s very practical and inspiring suggestions will help you master your workday, so you can get what matters done. - President & CEO, Britton Management Profiles Inc.
  • Ann was a wonderful speaker who engaged and educated her audience expertly. I could have listened to Ann for another hour. She brings news ideas and perspectives. It was very uplifting. - Insurance Executive, Financial Services
  • Ann is one of the best presenters I have ever heard. She provided amazing tools and tangible material to use on the job. - Partner, Law Firm

Speaker Biography

Ann is a bestselling author and her latest book, Workday Warrior, received an honourable mention for The Globe & Mail’s best management books. Ann is also the author of The Email Warrior.

Ann has been featured in The Globe & Mail and has appeared on CBC Radio, CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, Global TV, BNN, and other major news outlets and online platforms. She is a winner of the Women Business Enterprises (WBE) Canada Leader Award and a nominee for RBC’s Women of Influence Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.

Ann and her team at Clear Concept work with people across industries, helping them thrive at all stages of their career.

Prior to founding Clear Concept Inc., Ann was a Management Consultant with Kearney and has an MBA from Queen’s University where she was the President of the MBA class. Ann also has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Biology and Psychology) from McMaster University.

Outside of work, Ann and her husband love spending time with their four active kids.

Connect with Ann on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anngomez/ and follow @clearconceptinc on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube.