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New York , New York , USA

Expert in Business Growth & Branding, Marketing, Organizational Culture Change & Diversity

Called “a force of nature” on the speaking stage, Bonin Bough is one of the most awarded branding and marketing trailblazers in the world. During his storied career, he has been responsible for some of the most successful organizational transformations and the rapid growth of many of the world’s most-loved billion dollar brands, including Oreo, Cadbury’s, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and others. Bonin’s energizing, entertaining, and inspiring talks go beyond marketing to focus on business and culture transformation, leveraging DE&I to accelerate growth, and unlocking innovation mindsets at every level of your organization. Attendees leave with more than the practical tools for driving growth, innovation, and culture change. Bonin’s contagious evangelism is a catalyst for breaking old processes and building innovation mindsets—unlocking growth in ways you may have never before thought possible.


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Hackonomy: Driving Innovation Across Your Organization By Transforming Employee Mindset and Company Culture

Can you really create value by breaking things? YES! In this high-energy keynote, Bonin Bough shares how he unlocked growth for brands like Oreo, Cadbury’s, and Pepsi, taking audiences on a journey to discover how they can hack their business, its processes, and ultimately, themselves. Your team will learn tried and tested models to accelerate your company’s growth trajectory and drive innovation across your organization. Sharing case studies from the Fortune 50, Bonin shows how “hackonomy” resulted in him taking Mondelez International’s (Kraft Foods) e-commerce business from $65MM to 265MM in only 18 months.

Your team will also learn how breakthrough communications, combined with customer data, are set to create an entirely new and direct relationship with the consumer. Case in point: The Cinderella story of how he leveraged “hackonomy” to grow SheaMoisture from $250 to $350 million before its acquisition by Unilever for close to $1 billion. Most importantly, Bonin shows how you to hack yourself to realize your full potential, utilize your strengths, and catapult your career.

Diversity and Inclusion Are Definitely P.A.I.N.F.U.L. But If Done Right, They Can Drive Growth

Diversity and Inclusion aren’t just social imperatives. Today, they’re business imperatives that directly impact every company’s bottom line. Across three decades of transforming organizations, growth expert Bonin Bough has seen how real diversity and inclusion (Purposeful, Attainable, Intentional, Noticeable, Fulfilling, Unifying, & Long Term) can transform cultures, elevate brands, and impactfully drive growth and revenue. His breakthrough P.A.I.N.F.U.L. methodology gives your organization the tools to drive real diversity and to understand how doing it (or not doing it) affects your bottom line.

Applying a business growth mindset to one of the most important challenges facing corporate America, Bonin acknowledges that real changes with real impact are never easy. His unique perspective sits at the four-way collision point between the fast-changing demographics of society, new consumer behaviors, a fast-following advertiser marketplace and a growing cultural imperative towards inclusion. Bonin brings the perspective of a passionate, insightful, and inspiring crusader for diversity and inclusion, providing a simple roadmap for your diversity journey that is inseparably co-joined with your organization’s bottom-line success.

Creating Business Rock Stars and Breakthrough Communications Experiences

Talent is the single most important determinant for individual and organizational success. But how does one become a business rock star? And how do you create an organization where they thrive, grow, stay, and create breakthrough communications experiences for your stakeholders? In this game-changing keynote, Bonin Bough shares experiences gained from launching the world’s first talent accelerator to help your audience realize their individual potential, utilize their strengths, and ultimately, catapult both their careers and your organization.

Leveraging his vast experience in marketing, Bonin also teaches your team how to transform traditional formats into breakthrough communications experiences. He reveals the latest experience-marketing tools, giving you a preview of the emerging trends and tactics that modern communicators must embrace to engage today’s customers. In what is truly a transformational audience experience, Bonin shares innovative ideas and a new methodology that will take your visions for greater reach and ROI from fantasy to reality.

Monster In A Box Workshop: Transforming Your Business By Disrupting The Status Quo

Throughout his career, Bonin Bough has been constantly challenged to drive disruption, re-invent brands, and rev up revenue. From the Oreo tweet that owned the Super Bowl, to Gatorade’s real-time “Mission Control,” to having a skydiver leap out of a plane without a parachute for Stride Gum, disruption has long been Bonin’s byword. In this story-filled workshop, jam-packed with actionable takeaways and stellar success stories, Bonin walks your audience through the latest trends in media, marketing, and messaging. Then, he shows you how you can bring them to life to transform your business. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of creativity, inspiration and out-of-the box thinking that will benefit your bottom line.

Leap: Staring Down A Recession To Turn Fear Into Growth

Can the worst of times actually spur on the best of times? Whether it’s finding silver linings in a global pandemic, triumphing through the Great Recession, or coming out of the dot-com crisis with an industry-leading business, Bonin Bough shares inspiring examples of turning fear into bottom-line growth. These real-world cases might actually improve your perspective about the prospects of a looming recession:

  • Launching a web business the same year that the dot-com bubble burst. Over the next seven years, that company grew to become one of the largest digital strategy and marketing agencies in the world.
  • Joining PepsiCo in 2007, shortly before the Great Recession hit. Despite volatility, uncertainty, and changing consumer behavior and market dynamics, Bonin helped deliver record-breaking revenue growth during a historically dismal economic situation.
  • Learning invaluable lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the first four months of the pandemic, Bonin interviewed 40 key business leaders to gain invaluable perspectives on leading through crisis.

In a unique combination of personal lessons learned, external examples and wisdom pulled from interviews with business leaders, Bonin guides audiences through an eye-opening, data- and emotionally-driven look at how to turn fear and economic volatility into growth and success.

Audience reviews:

  • Bonin was outstanding. All of the feedback is that Bonin is the best speaker we’ve ever hosted – even following Daymond John and Mike Walsh from the past two years. He spoke at a breakout session we had for investors the night before and then stuck around for hours at our after-party. At the last minute I asked if he’d consider doing a breakout session for area marketers and he agreed. He told me multiple times “he’s working for me” and was incredibly accommodating. On top of that, he was just a nice, approachable person who seemed genuinely interested in helping people. - VP at Quad Cities Chamber
  • Bonin Bough is the kind of inspirational figure who could get an entire room enthused about watching paint dry, and desperately investigating new ways to improve the experience. He is inspiring and horribly disruptive. If you've never seen him speak, stop reading this and watch one of his videos. - Global Digital Director, Denstu Aegis

Speaker Biography

Bonin Bough is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Group Black, and co-founder of Lockstep Ventures. His work aims to dramatically transform the face of investment and media ownership through his commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As one of the youngest-c-suite executives at a Fortune 50 Company, he has worked for billion-dollar CPG brands including Mondelez and PepsiCo before starting Bonin Ventures – a growth accelerator that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve revenue growth faster than they ever believed possible. Most recently Bough was Chief Growth Officer of Triller – where he remains an advisor.

Bonin has been responsible for some of the most successful organization transformations, and the rapid growth of some of the world’s most-loved billion-dollar brands including Oreo, Cadbury’s, Pepsi, Gatorade and Frito-Lay. As the Chief Growth Officer of SheaMoisture, he helped grow the business by close to 50% in 12 months leading to the company being acquired by Unilever for close to $1 billion dollars.

During his time as Chief Media Officer at Mondelez International, Bonin managed over $3 Billion dollars in media spend, making him the seventh largest media buyer in the world. Highlights from his tenure include shifting the organization from just-3% to over-32% digital spend – adding $2 Billion in top line net revenue and $300m in bottom line savings. He helped brands like Sour Patch Kids become the fastest growing candy brand in the world. When he added eCommerce to his role, he grew online sales from $65m – $265m in the 18 months that he ran it. Before that he led digital globally for PepsiCo and built two global digital agencies prior to that one for IPG

Found consistently at the forefront of thinking and execution in innovation, Bonin is recognized as one of business’ hottest rising stars and one of the industries top mobile marketers. He has been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement. He can also be found in lists such as Fortune’s “40 under 40”, Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, Ebony’s Power 100 and The Internationalist’s Internationalists of the Year. He is also an author and a CNBC television host.