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Brian Lee

Healthcare Patient Satisfaction & Change Leadership Expert

Brian Lee is one of North America’s leading experts in the field of World-Class patient experience, staff engagement and culture change. He is recognized author on HCAHPS improvement and Value-Based Purchasing. Brian is known for his passion and enthusiasm in delivering inspirational keynote presentations that create impact and bring transformation to healthcare organizations.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Magic of Engagement
This presentation explains how to unleash the power of enthusiastic, empowered frontline staff and to successfully recruit and engage your staff. Brian will show you how to overcome previous concerns they may have about disconnected higher-ups. You will learn to design and implement the single most powerful best practice that will motivate employees to go the extra mile, especially in dealing with customer/patient problems and complaints. The creation of your own customized Service Excellence Train- the- Trainer program to empower your Frontline Leaders to teach and motivate their peers will be explained. Finally, you will achieve a tipping point to gain buy-in and ownership from a critical mass of leaders and engage, empower and transform everyone to deliver loving compassionate service. Participants will learn to inspire, motivate and persuade frontline staff to shift their focus from managing to leading.

Secrets of Creating a First Class Patient Experience
How to deliver exceptional service to every patient, every time, no exception! Brian will show you how to identify your customer’s expectations and, by satisfying them, create lifetime customer loyalty. Read and respond to your customers’ hidden needs through the power of non-verbal communication. Understand the real reasons customers complain and how to practice the service Recovery Golden Rule “Mess Up? Fess Up and Dress Up.” Empower co-workers to provide an exceptional patient experience by creating a “Learning Organization” that educates and engages. Gain a competitive advantage with the “Power of Excellence” in your professional career and personal life.

The HCAHPS Hospital of Choice
Leverage the HCAHPS Survey to Become the Employer and Provider of Choice. You will learn how to send a wake-up call to leaders and staff about previously unknown patient dissatisfiers and how to eliminate them. Break down departmental silos and achieve organization-wide literacy about the HCAHPS Survey results. Gain active, enthusiastic frontline buy-in and ownership to improve the patient experience at the bedside and from support services. Build a patient-driven culture of compassion and love through the three cornerstones of culture change. Improve employee morale as a necessary first step to providing world-class customer satisfaction.

Change Your Culture… or be Doomed to Repeat the Past!
The New Role of the Healthcare Administrator in Becoming an Employer and Provider of Choice. You will learn how to define the benefits of becoming an Employer and Provider of Choice. Brian shares three vital change-leadership strategies necessary to create a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. How to effectively sell change and create ownership at every level. How to empower frontline staff to be champions of service excellence.

  • I hope this letter captures my enthusiasm for our “Journey to World-Class Patient Satisfaction.” For us, it has been a sound business decision and it has improved patient satisfaction and employee morale and changed our culture.

    - MD, President and CEO, Motion Picture Television Fund
  • Sells points of importance, provides tools to implement suggestions, very motivational to change initiative, provide real life examples.

    - Director, Cdn. College of Health Service Executives
  • It wasn’t “fluff” – which I’ve experienced in a lot of these types of presentations. The in-depth examples & answers to questions demonstrate that he had actually made change happen.

    - Senior Advisor, Cdn. College of Health Service Executives
  • Thank you for helping to make our event a success and for supporting us in our journey towards achieving the 95th percentile in overall patient satisfaction.

    - Director, Surgical & Outpatient Services Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center
  • Today’s presentation was an excellent blend of common sense and enthusiasm. It takes one of our core values/objectives and provides us with a doable action plan.

    - Clinical Resource Mgmt, Emanuel Medical Center, CA

Summary Profile

This internationally acclaimed and bestselling author has been featured as the keynote speaker at conferences in more than 14 countries. He travels 150,000 miles every year and has spoken in every state and province in North America.

Two trademarks of Brians keynotes are his humor and audience engagement. His high energy presentations are always timely, relevant and packed full of useful tools. Practical applications are backed by moving stories taken from his real life experiences. Brian engages each audience and captures their imaginations with content that is customized so that each listener believes he is talking directly to them. He collaborates with each client to custom tailor each presentation.

Brian has been a passionate lifelong student of customer service and its effect on both organizational effectiveness and staff retention. He educates his audiences about the “how-to’s” of developing patient, staff, and physician loyalty. He models how to inspire hope and commitment and to bring a renewed passion for care-giving. For two consecutive years Brian has been evaluated by the International Customer Service Association Conference as the number-one-rated Customer Service Expert Speaker in the World.

Brian Lee is also sought after as an executive leadership coach, either one-on-one for the entire Senior Leadership Team.

A recognized leader and researcher, Brian has written extensively: his most well-known books, Keep Your Nurses for Life, and Satisfaction Guaranteed have become ‘required reading’ for healthcare leaders everywhere. Satisfaction Guarantee is now in its 23’rd printing. His next book “The Hospital of Choice” will soon be published.

Brian Lee is Chief Executive Officer of Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd., a leading provider of culture-change and training solutions to healthcare organizations across North America. He is also the founder of the Healthcare Service Excellence conference. In the past 30 years in business, Brian and his team have worked closely with healthcare organizations on several continents to achieve breakthrough results in improving the Patient Experience and Staff Engagement.